June 2022

Investing in Sustainable Agriculture & Food

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Welcome to our annual issue on Investing in Sustainable Agriculture and Food. As climate change, the COVID-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine have shown us – there are serious vulnerabilities in our supply chains, from agricultural products and fertilizer to manufacturing, and baby formulas. And now inflation has hit, well… everything, from food to fuel. I used to like going grocery shopping at my local Sprouts Market. Now, when I read the price tags, I cringe. The writers in this June issue look at these unprecedented challenges while sharing many sustainable and regenerative solutions, so there is much to reap from this issue.

Writers include: Woody Tasch of Slow Money on Why Slow Money?; Mary Beth Gallagher of Domini Impact Investments on Food and Agriculture: Finding Sustainable Solutions, Old and New; Craig Wichner of Farmland LP on Setting the Benchmark for Sustainable Agriculture; GreenMoney’s long time editor, Ted Ketcham on the 30 year Fair Trade journey of Equal Exchange; and finally Jane Marsh of Environment.co on How Celebrity Investors Impact the Agriculture Industry. Also see our latest video, Bring Hemp Home: Colorado and listen to an engaging Regenerative Rising podcast. 

Before we begin exploring, a quick note for you who might have missed our (really great) 7th annual all-Videos issue in May. You can still find the curated collection of thought-provoking short videos and discussions on our website. They are well worth your time. 

Let me draw special attention to one of the May videos that features a conversation with our long-time friend and sustainability icon, Hazel Henderson, who sadly passed away recently. To honor her, take the opportunity to watch one of the last talks she gave on Saltwater Agriculture, as part of the Wall Street Green Summit in late March.

Speaking of time, it’s almost time to raise the curtain on our special 30th Anniversary Year issues. You can look for them in July and September. A great group of writers and industry leaders will look at ‘The Next 30 Years’. If you know someone who should read the special issues – they can subscribe here.

Cliff Feigenbaumpublisher and founder

Hazel Henderson - born March 27, 1933 - died May 22, 2022

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Why Slow Money?

Woody Tasch
Slow Money
Since the slow money movement’s first low interest loan to a local organic farm in 2010, more than $80 million has flowed to over 800 small farms and local food businesses. And now we’ve launched beetcoin.org as a platform for small donors to participate in building a grassroots source of capital as we also aim for more local 0% loan groups. Slow Money is fixing things from the ground up in ways that industrial food systems and industrial financial systems cannot.

Food and Agriculture - Finding Sustainable Solutions - Old and New by Mary Beth Gallagher - Domini Impact Investments

Food and Agriculture: Finding Sustainable Solutions, Old and New

Mary Beth Gallagher
Domini Impact Investments
Regenerative agriculture involves practices that equitably use land to address climate change, biodiversity, soil health, and the well-being of workers and local economies. In 2019, Domini launched its Forest Project, focusing on the systemic importance of forests to environmental systems, businesses, and investments. We recently drew more explicit connections between our forest work and our sustainable agriculture work.

Setting the Benchmark for Sustainable Agriculture

Craig Wichner
Farmland LP
Organic farming is both good for the environment and can generate attractive returns. Our first fund had a 69 percent financial gain in net asset value over seven years. Also, our largest CA farm showed we generated a 46 percent net gain for the ecosystem, including: carbon sequestered in the soil, harmful ag practices avoided, enhanced biodiversity, healthy pollinator habitats, and reduced use of water for crops.

Equal Exchange: A Mission Accomplished

Ted Ketcham
GreenMoney Journal
It was a fortuitous sharing of vision and willingness to take risks that drove Equal Exchange founders in 1986 to move forward with their vision of Fair Trade and a better world. The three were managers at a food cooperative in the NE who dreamed of a large and inclusive economy that lifted up the prosperity of growers in the Third World, growers whose poorly paid labor had long kept the wealthy in comfort and the growers in poverty.

Regenerative Rising PodcastElevating Stories, Activating Change host and ED/founder Seleyn DeYarus sits down with Heather Terry, CEO/founder of GoodSam Foods to discuss how GoodSam protects the planet to protect the people. They discuss how GoodSam Foods navigates the different contexts involved with sourcing their ingredients from Columbia and Kenya as well as how the company builds trust and supports the communities they work with. Heather shares her journey from being a professional actor on Broadway to co-founding her first chocolate company, NibMor.  “When we talk about regenerative agriculture, what a lot of people in the U.S. are missing, in most instances, is that regenerative agriculture is smallholder farmer and Indigenous wisdom.”

June 2022 Additional Articles

How will Celebrity Investors Impact the Agriculture Industry by Jane Marsch - Environment.co

How Will Celebrity Investors Impact the Agriculture Industry?

Jane Marsh
The future of food and farming may not be dependent solely on breakthroughs in science – celebrity investors may play a role in changing the way society thinks about food from farm to table. And as improvements in agriculture technology become more well-known, more investors look at agriculture through new eyes - and choose to invest in something that will benefit the world.
Our Healing Begins in the Soil by Jeff Tkach of Rodale Institute

Our Healing Begins in the Soil

Jeff Tkach
Rodale Institute
Our food and agriculture systems are fundamentally broken. It’s no exaggeration to say that the warming planet, social inequities, and health epidemics bear this out. However, there’s real hope. We can heal ourselves, our communities, and our planet when we begin to participate once again in the creation of healthier food systems through regenerative organic agriculture.
Why the World of Vertical Farming has become so hot

Why the World of Vertical Farming Has Become So Hot

Bowery Farming produce is now sold in more than 850 supermarkets across America including Whole Foods Markets, Walmart and Amazon Fresh. “There is a critical need for new solutions to our current agricultural system – as well as an enormous economic opportunity. This is just the beginning,” said Irving Fain, CEO and founder of Bowery Farming.
Introducing the GoSun Grid – Outdoor Fun & Resilience

Introducing the GoSun Grid – Outdoor Fun & Resilience

GoSun has created a micro-grid of self-reliance that integrates nearly 30 products designed to work in unison, or as stand-alone portable energy solutions. These appliances are some of the most efficient appliances possible, so you only need a small amount of energy to get the job done in the first place. Indeed, a conventional oven needs up to 4000wh to cook a meal, the GoSun oven only needs 150wh.
100 Best Corporate Citizens of 2022

The 100 Best Corporate Citizens of 2022

3BL Media recently released their annual 100 Best Corporate Citizens ranking, recognizing outstanding ESG transparency and performance among the 1,000 largest U.S. public companies. The 100 Best Corporate Citizens ranking is based on 155 ESG factors in eight areas: climate change; employee relations; environment; finance; governance; human rights; stakeholders and society; and ESG performance.
Farming for the Future at Frey Vineyards-Katrina Frey

Farming for the Future at Frey Vineyards

Katrina Frey
Frey Vineyards
(From the Archives) As organic food sales are increasing, consumers are also drinking more organic, no sulfites added, wine. So far in 2020, in light of the global pandemic, organic wine sales are rising as people are choosing to eat and drink pure products for their health and the health of the planet, because we know that sound organic farming practices will build healthy soil today and nourish future generations tomorrow.


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