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Investing in Women, Impacting the World

Investing in Women, Impacting the World

Stella Tai
Praxis Mutual Funds
Recently I had the privilege of visiting several organizations in Kenya supported through Praxis Mutual Funds’ commitment to community development investing. This was alongside a visit to my family in my birth country, after five years of being away. This article is a personal reflection on how impact investing and gender lens investing delivers real-world impacts – and how financial advisors can help their clients understand those impacts.
Changing your relationship with Money for Good by Dani Pascarella of OneEleven Financial Wellness.

Changing Your Relationship with Money for Good

Dani Pascarella
OneEleven Financial Wellness
The concept of financial wellness is often associated with managing your money the right way or having a certain net worth. But this definition leaves out something just as important as the numbers – how your finances impact your mental and physical well-being. At OneEleven Financial Wellness, we are changing that by looking at more than just the numbers and taking a holistic approach to personal finance.
How to Avoid Greenwashing When Choosing ESG Investments by Lori Keith of Parnassus Investments

How to Avoid Greenwashing When Choosing ESG Investments

Lori Keith
Parnassus Investments
ESG strategies are rapidly gaining popularity as interest in supporting companies that manage their carbon footprint, invest in their employees, and promote gender diversity surges. As more and more funds claim the ESG label, how can investors effectively decide which investments are genuine? See the practical framework in this article to help with your financial decisions.
Finding a Career in Financial Services with ESG Investing by Sarah Adams of VERT Asset Mgmt - photo Jason Goodman on Unsplash

Finding a Career in Financial Services with ESG Investing

Sarah Adams
Vert Asset Management
If you are interested in the interdisciplinary topics of environmental, social, and governance and how they influence businesses, you might consider a career in ESG Investing. If you have hard time reconciling the person you need to be for your day job versus the person you are outside of work, ESG could be a good fit. There are so many opportunities today at the intersection of finance, business, and sustainability.

Additional Articles

How Women Are Leading in ESG Investing

When adults encourage young girls to dream about their future careers, they often mention becoming teachers, nurses, or childcare workers. Young boys get to imagine themselves in suits and ties while handling business transactions or leading meetings. It’s one reason why men have long dominated the financial world – but women are changing the game and the future with ESG investing.

Domini Funds Releases their 2021 Impact Report

Many times, in life progress stems from the connections we make — between our money, our values, and an array of social, environmental and governance (ESG) issues. In 2021, assets in the five Domini Funds reached over $3 billion. For Domini, this growth has gone hand-in-hand with new efforts to understand critical global challenges and look closely at how companies are responding to them.

ImpactAssets releases its 2022 Impact Investment Fund Managers List

ImpactAssets has released its eleventh annual IA 50 List, a free database for impact investors, family offices, corporate and family foundations and institutional investors that features a diversified listing of private capital fund managers delivering social and environmental impact as well as financial returns.This year’s list includes Emerging Impact Managers and Emeritus Impact Managers.

Plant-based Innovation & Climate ETF from VegTech Launches on NYSE

“We are excited to be what we believe is the first pure-play ETF that invests in companies innovating with plants and producing animal free products. We believe that today’s investors want a more resource efficient, climate friendly, and cruelty-free food and materials supply system…and want to invest their dollars in the same,” said Elysabeth Alfano, CEO and CMO of VegTech Invest

Climate Finance Campaigner Wrangles Europe’s Giant Banks and Companies

It’s time for my first interview in 2022 and it’s with the highly energetic, award-winning climate finance campaigner Lucie Pinson, CEO of Reclaim Finance. We spoke remotely, her in Paris, me in Sydney, and the discussion ranged from her work journey to some of her incredible successes over the years in getting banks and companies to move on climate change.

The Women Leading the Climate Change Fight and How We Can Support Them

(From the Archives) While it has taken far too long for financial professionals to see us women as key decision-makers, with women set to control more wealth in the coming years, at last that seems to be changing. So, what to do with this newfound power when it comes to climate? Start a conversation with your money manager on how to begin aligning your investments with a safe climate for all.

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