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The Benefits of Putting our Feminism into our Finances by Kristin Hull - Nia Impact Cap-GreenMoney

The Benefits of Putting our Feminism into our Finances

Kristin Hull
Nia Impact Capital
Investing with a Gender Lens is not new. Many of us have been at this for a while now. And yet 2023 is the year we stand to make significant progress in bringing more balance to both our finances and to corporate America and beyond. Gender Lens Investing is an approach to investment due diligence that seeks to incorporate gender considerations into investment decision-making.
Celebrating Women and Investing by Stella Tai and Lori Scott Praxis Mutual Funds and Lafayette Square

Celebrating Women and Investing

Stella Tai and Lori Scott
Praxis Mutual Funds & Lafayette Square
In honor of Women’s History Month, Stella Tai, Stewardship Investing Impact and Analysis Manager at Praxis Mutual Funds interviews Lori Scott, Managing Director of Impact Credit at Lafayette Square to reflect on the contributions and achievements of women in the field of investing. Lori brings 25 years of experience in community development finance and has paved her own way in the impact investment field.
Three Ways Financial Advisors Can Advance Racial and Gender Equity by Mary Bruce Alford Hope CU

Three Ways Financial Advisors Can Advance Racial and Gender Equity

Mary Bruce Alford
Hope Credit Union
An analysis by McKinsey found closing the racial wealth gap would add up to $1.5 trillion in economic activity over the next 10 years through job creation and income gains. This article looks at the benefits of moving low-cost capital to depositories advancing access to capital for minority and women-owned businesses as well as access to homeownership to build wealth.
2023 CDFI Sustainable Investing Trends

2023 CDFI Sustainable Investing Trends

Keisha Bolden
Self-Help Credit Union
Sustainable investing has gained momentum over the past decade with both financial professionals and casual investors. Growing social, economic, and environmental concerns have fueled an increase in socially responsible investments, and CDFIs are critical players, leveraging specialized knowledge and resources to create innovative financial products with a positive social return. Here are key CDFI investing trends.

Additional Articles

Carbon Equity Wants Climate Investments to Pack a Punch

If you’re an investor looking to support solutions to climate change, how do you know your money can make an actual impact? Here are a few answers. As CEO and co-founder of Carbon Equity, Jacqueline has leveraged her experience as a private equity investor and company builder to create an organization that directs capital to climate funds.

US SIF: Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment names Maria Lettini new CEO

“US SIF has accomplished so much and is poised to accelerate its impact and accomplishments. This is an incredible opportunity to apply my experience from FAIRR and PRI to the US sustainable investment market and to help drive the mission and impact of US SIF to the next level” said Maria Lettini.

Inclusive Gender and Climate Finance – 2X Global Report

Investing at the nexus of gender and climate finance has been evolving in recent years: from the development of new research and case studies that help make the case for this approach and illustrate its benefits, to the emergence of tools to support investors in adopting an integrated approach. This new report is for both investors and investment intermediaries.

ImpactAssets 2023 Impact Investment Fund Managers List

ImpactAssets has released its twelfth annual IA 50 List, a free database for impact investors, family offices, corporate and family foundations and institutional investors that features a diversified listing of private capital fund managers delivering social and environmental impact as well as financial returns. This year’s list includes Emerging Impact Managers and Emeritus Impact Managers.

State of Green Business 2023 and the Top 10 Trends

In the 16th annual edition of the State of Green Business, the GreenBiz editors and analysts have selected 10 key trends worth watching, reflecting a broad spectrum of environmental and sustainability topics: transportation, carbon removal, the circular economy, climate tech, sustainable food systems, renewable energy and more. Also find the state of biodiversity, and insights on green jobs and careers.

Carbon Clean 200 Companies Outperform Dirty Energy

“The Clean200 has demonstrated consistently that what we called the ‘clean energy’ future seven years ago is now the clean energy present. This year, the scale and global diversity of leading companies continue to expand and redefine the term cleantech to be any company that has products and services that will reduce demand for fossil fuels and water” said Andrew Behar, CEO of As You Sow and report co-author.

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