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Our Vision for Moving Humanity Forward

Our Vision for Moving Humanity Forward

Mary Barra
Chairman and CEO, General Motors Co.
(Sept/Oct 2017)  We can’t completely predict what our world will look like in 25 years, but we constantly study trends to anticipate the rapid changes taking place in our industry. By 2040 it is estimated that: Global population will exceed nine billion; 40 cities will have populations over 10 million; Renewable energy will account for half of installed capacity and a third of electricity generation worldwide. Add shifting consumer attitudes about vehicle ownership to these insights and it is why I believe the auto industry is changing more today than it has in the past 50 years. Read More
In Mandela’s Footsteps: The Long Walk Continues

In Mandela’s Footsteps: The Long Walk Continues

Donna Katzin
Founder and CEO, Shared Interest
(Feb 2014)  “Eliminating poverty is not a gesture of charity. It is an act of justice… Like slavery and apartheid, poverty is not natural. People have created and tolerated poverty. And it is people who will overcome it.” In 2013 on Nelson Mandela’s 95th birthday, children with crayons in Kazakhstan drew his face on the sidewalk. At the UN, Malala Yousafzai from Pakistan, who has been shot in the head by the Taliban, says Mandela has influenced her and she forgives her shooters. Later that year the world mourned his death but we still harvest lessons from this monumental man who has taught us so much, and left so much more to do. Read More
Achieving Zero in the Built Environment

Achieving Zero in the Built Environment

Edward Mazria
Founder and CEO, Architecture 2030
(Sept 2016)  Without a dramatic change in the way built environments are designed, constructed, and operated, the world has no chance of adequately addressing climate change. Architecture 2030 has spent over twelve years working with architects, designers and policymakers on programs and initiatives that will lead to zero emissions in the built environment by 2050. In 2014, I had the opportunity to present our “Roadmap to Zero Emissions” report, at the COP21 meetings in Paris, which sets out the country-specific international greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction targets needed to avert irreversible and devastating climate change. Read More

What’s Next on a Random Walk Down Facebook Lane

Francis G. Coleman
Executive Vice President, CBIS
(Dec 2017)  There are numerous lessons to be learned from experiences at Facebook. First, agnosticism comes at a price. We live in a values laden society. To presume that our wide spectrum of values can be discounted and factored out of the algorithmic equation ignores the current reality of our society and world. It is still people who are using the platform and people are imperfect. Of course humans are integral to Facebook and when complemented by algorithms, that incorporate ESG factors, they can make an excellent product even better. Read More
Biomimicry = Return on Inspiration

Biomimicry = Return on Inspiration

Janine Benyus
Biomimicry 3.8 and the Biomimicry Institute
It seems so obvious now: innovators are turning to nature for inspiration in chemistry, building, agriculture, energy, health, transportation, computing – even the design of organizations and cities. Biomimicry is now widely taught from kindergarten to university and practiced in all scales of enterprise. Read More

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Additional Articles

Impact Investing: Aligning Capital with the Conservation of Nature

Mark R. Tercek
President and CEO of The Nature Conservancy
(Sept 2015) Today's environmental challenges are bigger than ever. And a rapidly growing population coupled with climate change will only exacerbate current threats. The environmental movement must try new approaches and scale up our work so it’s bigger, better and faster. Read More

The Next 25 Years – Big Picture Thinking

Amy Domini
Founder, Domini Impact Investment
(July/Aug 2017) Responsible investing momentum is strong. For me, and for many of my generation, the future is clear: we are well on our way towards the installation of a vitally important system-level force for good, one that will protect future generations, indeed the planet itself. We have laid the groundwork for a financial system which functions globally to protect people and the planet. Read More

The Resilient Investor: A Plan for Your Life, Not Just Your Money

Hal Brill, Michael Kramer and Christopher Peck
Managing Partners of Natural Investments
(Aug 2014) Does the challenge of making informed decisions about your life seem far more complex today than it did even a short time ago? Does the future—yours, and that of the world—feel highly uncertain, perhaps even precarious? Read More

GreenMoney Interview Series: The Apple Interview

Jacky Haynes, former Senior Director of Supplier Responsibility at Apple is interviewed by Bennett Freeman, former Senior VP for Sustainability Research and Policy at Calvert Investments
(May 2015) Apple has become the most iconic brand and valuable company in the world. It stands for innovation—innovation in its technology, design and product experience. And it has been a magnet for responsible investors. Read More

From Growth Capitalism to Sustainable Capitalism

Joe Keefe
President and CEO of Pax World Funds, and President of Impax Asset Management LLC
(Fall 2012) Twenty years from now, we will have either successfully transitioned from our current economic growth paradigm to a new model of Sustainable Capitalism or we will be suffering the calamitous consequences of our failure to do so. Likewise, sustainable investing will either remain a niche strategy or it will have supplanted mainstream investing. Read More

Women and the Future of Investing

Mellody Hobson
President, Ariel Investments
(April 2015) Discerning the ways in which women interact with and affect the investment sector has in the past been challenging, as very few serious discussions delved deeply into the subject. The most prominent conversations have tended to focus on the different approaches men and women take when it comes to investing, the disparities that exist when saving for retirement and wealth accrual, or similar comparisons. Read More

Good Greed

Ray C. Anderson
Founder of Interface, Inc. (1934-2011)
(Summer 2010) Since you’re reading the GreenMoney Journal it’s likely that you’ve already made the mental shift to sustainability, and if that’s the case, welcome! I believe that shift happens one mind at a time, one company, one technology, one university curriculum, one industry, one community at a time. Read More

Responsible Investing – Principles, Pillars and Progress

John Streur
President and CEO, Calvert Research and Management
(July/Aug 2017) The responsible investing movement that we have started and shaped has reached the end of the beginning, with a broad and strong foundation that will evolve to provide the superstructure of our society’s continuing struggle to address and solve its greatest challenges. Our efforts are working, and we are being joined in our mission by more investors worldwide every day. Read More

Impacting the Next Generation

Rianka R. Dorsainvil
CFP®, Founder and President, Your Greatest Contribution
(Feb 2016) Without a doubt we, the millennial Generation, believe that we can change the world. There is a “change agent” in each and every one of us. How do I know? Well, because we are different. Huge economic, cultural, and social shifts have changed our view on the world, and as a generation, we have demonstrated a desire to leave the world a better place than it was when we entered. Read More

The GreenMoney Interview: Muhammad Yunus

Grameen Bank founder and Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus is interviewed by award-winning, filmmaker Holly Mosher
(Fall 2011)  When Holly Mosher read about Muhammad Yunus and the story of Grameen Bank’s microcredit for women in Bangladesh, she was fascinated. Why had an economist and a bank won the prize for peace and not the prize for economics? And how had one man gone from loaning $27 to 42 people, to helping millions of people? With these questions in mind, she embarked on a film about his work. Read More
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