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Investing in Women Helps Everyone During a Pandemic-by Ebony Perkins-Self-Help CU

How Investing in Women Helps Everyone During a Pandemic

Ebony Perkins
Self-Help Credit Union
Economic insecurity among women brings long-lasting consequences for families and the overall economy. Many women are now the breadwinners in their households. Their loss or reduction of income impedes their ability to provide for their families. This, in turn, can have a negative impact on the well-being of children and can lead to increased education and economic inequality.
What is ESG Investing? Saturna Capital

The Future Can Be Female: Starting the Finance CEO Pipeline Even Earlier

Jane Carten
Saturna Capital
If we wish to see more women in finance, it’s up to us as role models to volunteer in schools and other youth organizations. We can also help to teach girls financial literacy and the power of money by linking it to achieving better environmental and social outcomes; after all, as values-based, sustainable, and impact investors know, money is often the key to making real change in this world.
Advancing Women Through Sustainable Investing-by Jennifer Coombs-College for Financial Planning

Advancing Women Through Sustainable Investing

Jennifer Coombs
College for Financial Planning
Far more women advisors are seeking to help women investors in the sustainable investing space. Because sustainable investing, which includes screening investments for ESG factors is no longer just a way to simply feel good; it makes sense from a business perspective. All of this leads to a far more equitable society, and a more efficient and resilient economy.
Tree planting at a World Tree farm with investors-World Tree USA-GreenMoney

Swing Out Sister: How Women Founders Can Shine in 2021 and Beyond

Dr. Cathy Key
World Tree USA
This year World Tree became the highest funded female-founded company on Wefunder. We raised over $2 million and became the third most funded company on the platform ever. Our core mission is to “Elevate, Educate, and Innovate for the Planet.” We value people and we value Mother Earth. Our business is designed to address big issues like climate change, poverty, and deforestation.

Additional Articles

Fortune’s Most Powerful Women in Business 2020

This year has been like no other and it was clear that this year’s ranking must evolve to meet the moment. The 2020 MPW list covers industries ranging from space exploration to book publishing, and highlights women who are using their power in myriad ways. It is the most diverse and dynamic list that Fortune has ever published.

General Motors’ Mary Barra on Putting Everyone in an Electric Vehicle

As Chairman and CEO of General Motors, I now have a unique opportunity – and responsibility – to use my engineering mindset to help make the world a better place on a very large scale. At GM, we have a vision of zero crashes, zero emissions, and zero congestion. That zero-emissions, all-electric future is underway right now, and we are moving faster than ever.

Why Climate Finance? Why Now?

In 25 years of reporting on sustainable business, I have become fascinated by the pivotal relationship between capital and innovative solutions to climate-related issues. More recently, I have engaged with organizations, companies, and events as many have focused ESG, impact investing, and SRI strategies and practices that address climate change.

Biomimicry & Business: Companies Using Nature’s Strategies

“Biomimicry and Business is exactly what the movement needs right now examples of people successfully practicing biomimicry to help heal their part of the world. This new book [by Margo Farnsworth] represents the next step and will be important in the annals of this emerging discipline” said Janine Benyus, Co-Founder of the Biomimicry Institute.

Terry Tempest Williams reads The Resonance of Stone

When Terry and her husband meet with a team of geologists from the University of Utah who are studying the lifespan of rock formations within the Colorado Plateau, sacred landforms important to the religious beliefs of many Native American nations, she learns these geologic landforms sound alive; you just have to know how to listen.

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