December 2021

Women and ESG Investing


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Sustainable Investing-Good News for 2022 by Carole Laible-Domini Impact Investments

Sustainable Investing: Good News for 2022 and Beyond

Carole Laible
Domini Impact Investments
Women are looking to sustainable investing to help them express their care for the climate, for low-income communities, and for global health, knowing that all of these things are interconnected. They understand that gender diversity starts at the top. As companies hire more women and include more diversity in their upper management and on their boards, the organizations realize both better balance and better financial results.
The Women Leading the Climate Change Fight by Nicole Systrom Sutro Energy Group

The Women Leading the Climate Change Fight and How We Can Support Them

Nicole Systrom
Sutro Energy Group
While it has taken far too long for financial professionals to see us women as key decision-makers, with women set to control more wealth in the coming years, at last that seems to be changing. So, what to do with this newfound power when it comes to climate? Start a conversation with your money manager on how to begin aligning your investments with a safe climate for all.
Recent SEC Staff Intrepretation Bodes Well for Gender Lens Investor Advocayd

Recent SEC Staff Interpretation Bodes Well for Gender Lens Investor Advocacy

Beth-ann Roth
RK Invest Law
The newest SEC staff interpretation relating to shareholder proposals is poised to make it easier for ESG issues to get onto the ballot at company annual meetings. While terms like "diversity," "inclusion," and "gender lens investing" are becoming part of corporate and investing vocabulary, implementation of the values for which those concepts stand is far from complete.
Accelerating the Diversity Flywheel in 2022 and Beyond

Accelerating the Diversity Flywheel in 2022 and Beyond

Emily Chew and Jade Huang
Calvert Research and Management
Many companies understand that a diverse workforce can enhance innovation and in turn profitability. A McKinsey study found companies with executive teams in the top quartile for gender diversity were 25% more likely to have above-average profitability than companies in the bottom quartile. Companies with more women in executive roles and in the board room, stand to benefit from a range of financial, social and reputational advantages.

Additional Articles

Esther Pan Sloane: Upping the game of international climate finance

A discussion of market gaps in financing, using legacy data sources, and the risk of network biases with Esther Pan Sloane, head of partnerships, policy and communications for the UNCDF. In this conversation with C&C’s co-founder David Garrison, Esther shares thoughts on five key points, as part of the Climate Leadership Interviews series.

Gender Lens is Emerging as a Fundamental ESG Screen

ESG integration has been touted by Wall Street firms as a useful method for identifying risk factors that would otherwise be overlooked by traditional investment analysis, as well as optimizing investment returns in times of economic uncertainty. In todays’ world, it makes sense to put equality for women at the forefront of investing, because organizations that prioritize the rights and equality of women make their own organization stronger. Companies that rank higher from an ESG perspective for embracing the gender lens for investments also help to optimize the returns on their investments.

Praxis Releases its Real Impact 2021 Report

Praxis Mutual Funds, a leading faith-based, socially responsible family of mutual funds from Everence Financial has released a new impact report entitled “Praxis Real Impact 2021”. The report communicates the many ways that Praxis’ unique values-driven approach to sustainable investing, delivered real-world change through a range of impact strategies in 2020. This year’s report introduces the new Praxis ImpactX framework: seven strategies that Praxis uses when evaluating potential investments. This framework of distinct impact strategies highlights how investments can support and contribute to the change we want to see in the world.

US SIF Releases new Roadmap for Financial Advisors

Incorporating Sustainable Investing into Your Practice: A Roadmap for Financial Advisors covers the basics of sustainable investing, including ESG incorporation and investor engagement strategies. It also explains the business case for sustainable investing with a review of current research on financial performance and risk reduction, fiduciary duty considerations, and data on the growing demand for sustainable investment products and services. The guide also details six steps advisors can take to get started or strengthen their sustainable investment practice.

New CERES Report: Feeding Ourselves Thirsty

Most food companies are not taking the necessary action to reduce their demands and impacts on freshwater resources, further worsening the global water crisis, according to a new report from the sustainability nonprofit Ceres. The new report, Feeding Ourselves Thirsty, is a benchmark analysis of 38 food companies, that shows some encouraging signs of progress on corporate water management, but underscores that much more work needs to be done by companies to help ensure sustainable water supplies, now and in the future.

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