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Transformational Investing in Communities of Color by Mary Bruce Alford of Hope CU

Transformational Investing in Communities of Color

Mary Bruce Alford
Hope Credit Union
For those looking to invest in a solidarity economy, CDFIs offer a proven way for one’s investment to make a positive impact on someone’s life and contribute to a long-term shift in who participates in our nation’s economy. Attuned to the greatest needs of underrepresented communities, investments in CDFIs represent an opportunity to place one’s money where it has meaning and positive impact.
Charitable Planning for Millennials and the use of Donor-Advised Funds by Jack O'Connor and John S. Adams of UBS Financial

Charitable Planning for Millennials and the Use of Donor-Advised Funds

Jack O’Connor, CFP® and John S. Adams, CFP®
UBS Financial Services
Most millennials express their commitment to helping non-profits through volunteering either in non-profit activities or by serving on boards and through financial donations. There are several planning tools that millennials can use that go far beyond making a routine contribution. Here are 3 tools millennials can use for improving organization of their charitable activities and long-term impact.
How Millennials Can Make an Impact With Their Money by Lana Khabarova of SustainFi

How Millennials Can Make an Impact with Their Money

Lana Khabarova
Millennials are keen to make an impact with their money. According to a 2021 survey by Morgan Stanley, 99 percent of millennials surveyed were interested in sustainable investing, an all-time high. Interest in sustainability persisted despite the COVID-19 pandemic, and climate change is the key focus. The emergence of ESG investing is rapidly growing, though it is still largely unknown among many retail investors.
How Crypto Currency is Bringing Ownership to the People.

How Crypto Currency is Bringing Ownership to the People

David Weinstein
Dana Investment Advisors
Many of us were sitting around the dinner table during the Holidays and someone youngish started talking about “crypto,” “bitcoin,” maybe something about a “doge”-coin? Breathless talk of massive returns may have followed without the mention of risk. A cult leader would be impressed by the level of evangelism. Inevitably a wiser individual asks some variation of the question: “But what is it and why do I need it?”

Additional Articles

NextGen Committee of the Ray Anderson Fdtn Awards Grant for Blue Carbon Conservation Program

The NextGen Committee is part of the Ray C. Anderson Foundation, a private family foundation that was formed to celebrate the legacy of Ray C. Anderson, a globally known industrialist turned environmentalist. His five grandchildren and their spouses comprise the Committee, which makes grants to programs focused on climate change mitigation and education.

NEXUS Launches Impact Accelerator: Next Gen for Social Impact

NEXUS, a unique global community that brings together Next Gen philanthropists, impact investors and social innovators representing over $700B in family assets with a deep dedication to social impact, announced the launch of its second annual Impact Accelerator. To help manage this exciting program, NEXUS is partnering with H/L Ventures, one of New York's most active firm focused on impact and diversity.

GreenMoney Named One of the Most Influential DEI Leaders for 2021

“We believe it is important to recognize and reward leaders who work to improve the lives of diverse individuals. This new DEI Leaders List shines a light on those who are driving positive change within their organizations and communities. We are proud to recognize these remarkable individuals and we look forward to seeing their continued impact.” – Tiffany Pham, CEO and founder, Mogul.

Desmond Tutu, Nobel Prize winning anti-apartheid campaigner and – who knew? – climate activist

For many years Bishop Tutu spoke out on climate change, including expressing concerns that adapting to climate change could lead to a global, apartheid-like divide between developed and developing nations. With his climate change insights, he issued strong challenges to global leaders to act for humanity.

Starbucks Selects 7 Local Lenders for First Round of Community Resilience Fund

Recently Starbucks selected the first seven CDFIs to receive funding as part of the company’s Community Resilience Fund. With this first round, Starbucks is investing $21 million across these organizations to support equity and economic growth in the communities it serves. These organizations focus on advancing small business growth and community development projects in BIPOC communities across the country

GreenMoney Interviews: Liesel Pritzker Simmons

(From the Archives)Last year I spoke with Liesel Pritzker Simmons of Blue Haven Initiative, where she oversees an impact investing portfolio structured to generate financial returns and address ESG challenges. The portfolio spans asset classes, from traditional equities and private equity to philanthropic programs. Blue Haven was created with impact investing as its mission.

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