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Guided by Wonder- A Reflection on the Stewardship of Creation

Guided by Wonder: A Reflection on the Stewardship of Creation

Chris Meyer
Praxis Mutual Funds
The natural environment is a finite resource, the inheritance of future generations, and a gift from God. We’re stewards of God’s Creation, not just consumers of it. Human flourishing requires thriving ecosystems. This perspective infuses our impact strategies from company engagement to impact bonds to community development investments. We’re working toward a sustainable planet where our heirs can enjoy the magnificence of Creation and businesses operate profitably without diminishing the earth.
Faith and Finance - New Horizons for 2024 - Annie Spratt photo

Faith and Finance: New Horizons for 2024

Kate Walsh
Global Impact Investing Network
What does faith have to do with capital? Given the way environmental and social uncertainties affect capital markets around the globe, quite a bit. For many, faith is required in these moments of challenge. We often think of faith institutions’ roles as leaders of moral realms, such as caring for others or honoring creation. What if we also considered the power of faith leadership paired with the capital these institutions hold. For these long-term investors, how can their faith principles be lived out through their portfolios?
Build Give Invest - A framework thats worth the risk by Henry Kaestner

Build. Give. Invest: A Framework That’s Worth the Risk

Henry Kaestner
Faith Driven Entrepreneur & Faith Driven Investor ministries
After years of working with Faith Driven Entrepreneurs and Investors around the world, I know one thing for sure: they are having incredible Kingdom impact. They are building an ethical culture and influencing their communities through their companies. Nonprofits and charities are absolutely an essential tool God uses to advance his Kingdom, but now at Faith Driven Investor we have started thinking about a threefold framework that consists of building, giving, and investing.
Love your neighbor with your investments - photo by Sean Pollock

Love Your Neighbor with Your Investments

Robin John
Eventide Asset Management
Faith-driven investing is a powerful way for investors to pursue performance and drive positive change in the world. The opportunities are vast, whether supporting companies that treat their employees fairly, contributing to their communities, or even taking steps to eliminate injustice in their supply chains. Values-aligned investors can send a resounding message about the types of business practices we will and will not stand for, shaping corporate behavior and humanity for good.

Additional Articles

Seeing Healthcare as a Human Right

As responsible investors, we advocate for corporate and systemic reforms that will improve the health and well-being of all communities. For decades, faith-based investors working through the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility have engaged leading pharmaceutical and healthcare companies, who must prioritize people over profits, on access and affordability of medicines, vaccines, and other health technologies.

Working to Ensure Justice for Workers

Faith-based investors have a long history of corporate engagements seeking to advance rights for workers in the U.S. and in global supply chains. For decades, ongoing engagements with companies in at-risk sectors including apparel and footwear, food and agriculture, and electronics have centered on the risks of human trafficking and forced labor, paying a living wage, and the need to respect unionization efforts.

A Matter of Faith: Faith-based investing is a key chapter in the sustainable investing story

We begin at the Kingdom Advisors conference, with a rapidly expanding association of advisors that aims “to carry Biblical financial wisdom to their clients, peers, and community.” How large is the faith-based investment market after factoring in the assets of individuals and institutions? Find out in a recent report from Morningstar which has sized up the faith-based market including Christian and Islamic ETFs and mutual funds.

What Could Shape Sustainability and Climate Investing in 2024?

In MSCI’s Sustainability and Climate Trends to Watch 2024 Report, we explore the key themes that could shape the world of ESG investing this year and beyond. Our report brings together the key questions that our global research team is asking and offers thoughtful analyses and useful insights to help navigate the investment landscape that lies ahead. This article looks at numerous impactful trends that we have identified.

Calvert Impact Releases Financial Advisor Guide to Impact Investing

The impact investing market grew from $502 billion in 2018 to $1.16 trillion in 2021, yet only 56% of investors said their financial advisors asked about their impact goals. In today’s environment, talking about financial performance alone isn’t going to capture a client’s attention. This Guide is meant to help Financial Advisors leverage impact investing better, so they can seize the opportunity to support their clients in their sustainable investing journeys.

The Love of Money

From the 2020 Archives “We need to find a way forward that allows us to care for the poor and our planet, without feeling guilty about having money, and enjoying it wholeheartedly for the good it produces in the world and our lives. I suggest being mindful about your money by giving your money some love—the right kind of love. Not avarice or greed, but spiritual love that is mindful of our responsibility to live in alignment with our values.” – Doug Lynam

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