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New Sustainability Summit Announced by The Water Council

New Sustainability Summit Announced by The Water Council & Marquette University

The Water Council, a nonprofit dedicated to solving global water challenges, and Marquette University’s Sustainability Lab, which researches and disseminates knowledge as well as develops managers around effective sustainability and stewardship practices, announced the ‘Nexus Sustainability Leaders Summit’, a national conference in Oct. 2024 on corporate sustainability, water and energy resiliency, and stewardship. Read More
IA 30 ImpacAssets 2024 Fund Managers Listr eleased

ImpactAssets 2024 Impact Investment Fund Managers List

Now in its 13th year, the ImpactAssets 50 is the most recognized free database of impact investment fund managers. This list is a gateway into the world of impact investing for investors, financial advisors, and philanthropists. The IA 50 offers an easy way to identify experienced and emerging impact fund managers and illustrates the breadth of impact fund managers operating across geographies, sectors and asset classes. Read More
Enoughness The Prequel with Tantoo Cardinal--video

Water + Indigenous Peoples Rights = Risk

Rebecca Adamson
First Peoples Worldwide
As far as life goes, priorities can’t get much bigger than Water. As far as the financial markets, Water is such a huge fundamental risk that it could cause another recession or financial crisis when we reach a tipping point. Studies have found that companies with poor Indigenous Peoples (IP) risk management also had low ESG social performance ratings and higher risk. Read More
WERS 2023 Award winning home for Lowest Residential Water Use in the country, water mechanical system designed by Doug Pushard of HarvestH2O

How the Future of Water will Impact Businesses and Communities

Doug Pushard
KuelWater and HarvestH2O
Water is the essence of life, and yet it is almost universally taken for granted. This is at a time when we are seeing unprecedented and dire water issues globally. Water is managed as a resource (i.e., drinking water) and a waste product (i.e., stormwater) while also being managed as both a business and as a common good. Population growth and new housing development are two major issues underlying the need to find more water, yet water is often not linked to land use management.   Read More
Economic and Water Impacts of the EPAs Slaughterhouse Rule

The Economic and Water Impacts of the EPA’s “Slaughterhouse” Rule

Marc Yaggi
Waterkeeper Alliance
The EPA has a decision to make, as it is considering new water pollution standards for slaughterhouses and rendering facilities in response to lawsuits from environmental organizations. Despite its stated mission to safeguard human health and the environment, EPA's current regulations do not address phosphorus discharges, and the agency has neglected to update water pollution standards for other harmful pollutants from this industry for 20 years, as required by the Clean Water Act. Read More
Investing in the Future of Water and Sanitation

Investing in the Future of Water and Sanitation

Elan Emanuel
Impact investing can transform the landscape of safe water and sanitation by addressing the complex challenges posed by the water crisis, climate change, and gender disparities. By supporting innovative household solutions and investing in climate-resilient infrastructure, impact investors can contribute to the UN SDGs and improve the well-being of communities around the world, aligning values with the potential for financial returns that helps build resilient communities. Read More
Water Treatment plant photo by tuastockphoto

GreenMoney Interviews: Kirsten James on Ceres’ Valuing Water Finance Initiative

As the global water crisis worsens, so do financial risks facing companies and their investors. Kirsten James, senior program director of Water at the sustainability nonprofit Ceres, answers questions from Cliff Feigenbaum, GreenMoney founder about the Valuing Water Finance Initiative, which is a global, investor-led effort driving companies to prioritize water risk and act as responsible water stewards in their operations and supply chains. Read More
What Could Shape Sustainability and Climate Investing in 2024 - MSCI

What Could Shape Sustainability and Climate Investing in 2024?

Meggin Thwing Eastman and Laura Nishikawa
In MSCI’s Sustainability and Climate Trends to Watch 2024 Report, we explore the key themes that could shape the world of ESG investing this year and beyond. Our report brings together the key questions that our global research team is asking and offers thoughtful analyses and useful insights to help navigate the investment landscape that lies ahead. This article looks at numerous impactful trends that we have identified. Read More
Working to Ensure Justice for Workers

Working to Ensure Justice for Workers

Matthew Illian and Katie Carter
United Church Funds and Presbyterian Church U.S.A.
Faith-based investors have a long history of corporate engagements seeking to advance rights for workers in the U.S. and in global supply chains. For decades, ongoing engagements with companies in at-risk sectors including apparel and footwear, food and agriculture, and electronics have centered on the risks of human trafficking and forced labor, paying a living wage, and the need to respect unionization efforts. Read More
Whole Foods Market Forecasts Top 10 Food Trends for 2024

Whole Foods Market Forecasts Top 10 Food Trends for 2024

Whole Foods Market’s Trends Council
Among the 10 forecasts put out by Whole Foods’ Trends Council: more plant-based offerings and a whittling down of ingredients; even cleaner “clean caffeine” products, and coffee and energy drinks with everything from mushrooms and probiotics to berries and limes; hormonal remedy products (bars, teas and “sleepy girl mocktails”) for women’s health; and products grown with regenerative agriculture—from rices to shampoos. Read More
Grists 24 Predictions for 2024

24 Predictions for 2024

Staff Writers
Among the two dozen predictions and happenings from Grist for the next year: the official kickoff of the American Climate Corps, wherein 20,000 18- to 26-year-olds will spread out across the U.S. to install solar projects, mitigate wildfire risk and make homes more energy-efficient; installing a climate reparations fund at the World Bank; the spread of “greenhushing” (corporations hiding their climate commitments to avoid scrutiny); and a boom in carbon-capture technology. Read More
ImpactAssets Surpasses $3B AUM building on momentum of 2023 Impact Report

ImpactAssets Surpasses $3B AUM, Building on Momentum in new 2023 Impact Report

ImpactAssets, the impact investing trailblazer with a decade-plus track record of mobilizing capital for good, surpassed $3B in total AUM this year, according to its 2023 Impact Report. The report also reveals that the firm directed a total of $458M in investments and $224M in grants towards funds, companies, and nonprofits advancing a more equitable, net-zero world. Read More
3BL Announces the 100 Best Corporate Citizens of 2023

3BL Announces the 100 Best Corporate Citizens of 2023

Now more than ever, corporate leadership on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues is imperative. And so is transparency. As companies decarbonize, align with the Sustainable Development Goals and rebuild an equitable economy post-pandemic, they must be open about their efforts. Each year, 3BL evaluates the largest public U.S. companies on ESG transparency and performance. Read More
New Scorecard on US Food Companies Trapped on the Pesticide Treadmill - As You Sow

New Scorecard on U.S. Food Companies Trapped on the Pesticide Treadmill

“These food companies are at a crossroads that will determine the health of our land and our communities. They need to closely monitor pesticide use in their supply chain and must also ensure that regenerative agriculture policies are adopted to protect farmworkers and nearby communities and reduce harm to soil, waters, ecosystems, and climate,” said Cailin Dendas, As You Sow. Read More
A Female Perspective on Sustainable Investing by Claire Smith

A Female Perspective on Sustainable Investing

Claire Smith
Beyond Investing and Beyond Impact
To make an impact and bring about a truly sustainable approach to investing, I needed to incorporate my personal convictions and concern for animals and the environment into my professional life. I had adopted sustainable practices in my personal life, from shopping and recycling, to using solar panels to generate electricity, but I was not using my financial expertise to generate returns for investor clients in a sustainable way. Read More
2023 GreenBiz 30 under 30 Sustainability Leaders

2023 GreenBiz 30 Under 30 List of Sustainability Leaders

Decarbonizing disaster relief, supply chains and industrial chemicals. Developing whole-food snacks, circular apparel and climate-savvy financial products. Expanding pathways into climate careers for Black and Indigenous people. The honorees in our eighth year represent an array of ideas and geographies across the globe - from the UAE to the US. Read More
Patagonia CA Headquarters--Great Pacific Iron Works

The Future of the Responsible Company: Patagonia’s First 50 Years

This new book provides an insider’s view of the essential elements of Patagonia’s business and offers lessons for the future learned from running an examined company. Author Vincent Stanley is responsible for many of the campaigns and initiatives that have made Patagonia one of the most well-known, respected and trusted brands in America. Read More
Catalytic Capital Success in Indian Country

Catalytic Capital Success in Indian Country Shows Just and Sustainable Economic Growth through Self-Determination

Drawing from interviews with 22 practitioners comprising philanthropic investors, private investors, Native intermediaries, and Native entrepreneurs, as well as desk research and participation in Indigenous-led finance convenings, this new report demonstrates how catalytic capital in Indian Country enables long-term, culturally-aligned success. Read More
Ray of Home 2023 finalists

Ten Nature-Inspired Startups Solving Environmental and Social Problems

From inventing healable composites to reduce waste, to supporting agricultural yields from the soil to the pollinators, to the creation of sustainable and safe pigments that color our world, the 2023 Ray of Hope Prize® finalists offer inspiring solutions through their use of biomimicry (also referred to as nature-inspired or bioinspired design). Read More
2022 Ocean Exchange Winners

Oceans and Climate: Investable Solutions

Millicent Pitts and Alex Akkaoui
Ocean Exchange
Ocean Exchange accelerates innovation for the blue economy as it continuously supports startups that have direct interests and impacts on our ocean’s ecosystem. OE provides support by re-distributing corporate and family philanthropy to vetted startups via a competitive process. Additionally, providing help with network introductions to partners and investors who can help advance the adoption of innovative ocean/climate solutions. Read More
Love Point Oysters CEI Maine

Aquaculture: Bringing Climate Resilience to Maine’s Blue Economy

Hugh Cowperthwaite and Nick Branchina
CEI Maine
Maine, with nearly 3,400 miles of coastline and over 2,000 coastal islands, is inextricably tied to the sea. The Gulf of Maine has long supplied Mainers with both livelihoods and food but is one of the fastest warming bodies of water on the globe, with the average temperature rising by four degrees Fahrenheit over last four decades. The changes are extreme enough to materially affect people’s dinner plates and their jobs.  Read More
seal on iceberg courtesy of Philippe Cousteau Jr., SeaVoir Wellness

The Largest Climate Catastrophe That No One Knows About

Philippe Cousteau Jr. and Ashlan Cousteau
SeaVoir Wellness
“For generations, our family has pioneered the protection and restoration of our ocean by working in education, producing documentaries and writing books. But more recently, we realize that unless society builds financial systems that incentivize positive social and environmental outcomes and the corresponding economic opportunities for people, we will never solve the mounting environmental crisis facing our planet.” Read More
How Sustainable Ocean Funds Are Navigating Impact Measurement

How Sustainable Ocean Funds Are Navigating Impact Measurement

Ted Janulis, Helena Janulis and Aly Rose
Investable Oceans and CREO Syndicate
Blue economy funds have experienced dramatic growth in the past half decade, with nearly thirty new entrants – ten or so of them in 2022 alone. This is good news, as it signals both growing investor interest in the sector and an increasing pipeline of investable opportunities. As this ocean investment ecosystem evolves, the question of how to measure impact in investments has become a frequent topic of discussion. Read More
Organic Valley 2023 Impact Report - Sustainable Food System and Small Family Farms

Organic Valley 2023 Impact Report: Sustainable Food System & Small Family Farms

Your support of our small family farms has made a big impact on the environment and rural communities. Through our innovative farming practices, our cooperative of small family farmers has helped reduce GHG emissions, increase biodiversity and support local economies. We are making progress toward a more sustainable and equitable food system. Read More
Soil Wealth Areas Unlock Investing in Conservation and Regenerative Ag

Soil Wealth Areas Unlock Investing in Conservation and Regenerative Ag

Croatan Institute’s recent report, Soil Wealth Areas: Place-based Financing for Conservation, Rural Communities, and Regenerative Ag, summarizes a USDA-funded, feasibility assessment regarding development of place-based financing districts in NC, CA, OR, and WI. The project engaged with 40 farms across 25K acres as well as a diverse group of partners, investors and stakeholders. Read More
Making Best Farming Practices Work for Investors

Making Best Farming Practices Work for Investors

Brian Zisk
Climate and Capital Media
“I started Farm Holdings to restore as much land as possible and soon became obsessed with soil and soil erosion. We’re learning a lot about what you need to do to make regenerative ag work financially for investors, including partnering with farmers and ranchers around the collocation of clean energy with regenerative ag,” said Tim Luckow, founder Read More
Regenerative Ag Sustains and Revives Local Communities by Tracey Ryder

Regenerative Ag Sustains & Revives Local Communities

Tracey Ryder
Edible Communities
Regenerative agriculture has become a hot topic over the past few years. While it is more recently trending, our Edible Communities network has seen it being implemented at the local, grassroots level since we started writing more than 20 years ago. Regenerative agriculture offers an alternative approach that prioritizes both food production and environmental stewardship. Read More
The Untapped Climate Opportunity in Alt Proteins by Sagar Tandon

The Untapped Climate Opportunity in Alternative Proteins

Sagar Tandon
Beyond Animal
By investing in the development and scaling of alternative proteins, we could reduce GHG emissions, create economic opportunities, and contribute to sustainable development. In addition to the environmental benefits, they offer other potential advantages. Plant-based proteins can be produced with significantly less land, water, and other resources than traditional animal agriculture as well as improve animal welfare. Read More
Climate Risks Threaten Investor Appetite for Livestock Production by Sofia De La Parra - FAIRR

Climate Risks Threaten Investor Appetite for Intensive Livestock Production

Sofía De La Parra
FAIRR Initiative
Global meat consumption is expected to grow over the next decade. The changing global climate poses significant risks not just to the growth, but to the fundamentals of the industry. From the rising price of feed to desertification of grazing lands and increasing regulation to reduce GHG emissions, climate-related risks require an extra layer of analysis for asset allocation in the sector. Read More
3 Trends Driving the Growth of Organic Ag by Craig Wichner Farmland LP

Three Trends Driving the Growth of Organic Agriculture

Craig Wichner
Farmland LP
2022 was a breakout year for organic agriculture. Consumer demand for organic food continued its steady rise, with strong prices for producers, rising land values and excellent returns for investors. Beyond these results, three significant trends were sharply apparent last year that will continue to affect not only organic farming but the entire agriculture sector including investor interest in sustainable farmland practices. Read More
Public Equity Investing in Sustainable Food and Agriculture

Public Equity Investing in Sustainable Food and Agriculture

Paul Hilton
Trillium Asset Management
Trillium’s Sustainable Opportunities thematic suite of public equity strategies aims to address global sustainability challenges in three core areas: climate solutions, economic inclusion, and healthy living. As an intersecting theme, sustainable food and agriculture, cuts across these issues. Since 2008, Trillium has identified companies benefiting from the shift to a more sustainable economy. Read More
Domini Impact Investments Releases 2022 Impact Report

Domini Impact Investments Releases 2022 Impact Report

Domini’s new report underscores how their impact investment standards, in-house research, and corporate engagement helped to address some of most pressing issues. “Encouraging companies to deepen their sustainability efforts was a focus of our work in 2022. We leveraged it to support the climate transition, safeguard nature, and promote equity,” said Domini CEO Carole Laible. Read More
Barrons 100 Most Influential Women in US Finance

Green Century Funds President Named to Prestigious Barron’s List

Leslie Samuelrich, President of Green Century Funds, was named to the new list of Barron’s 100 Most Influential Women in U.S. Finance, joining the ranks of prominent women including Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and other notable names in finance. Samuelrich has been an articulate and powerful voice in promoting SRI for the past 10 years. Read More
Tourism Destinations Begin Transition to a Green Economy

Tourism Destinations Begin Transition to a Green Economy

Megan Epler Wood
STAMP at Cornell University
The hotel industry has set out ambitious goals to lower industry related impacts via the Net Positive Hospitality pathway document. It takes a “holistic approach” which can reduce costs and enhance value for companies, destinations, and guests. Hotels will measure and manage the impacts of tourism: water use, waste, emissions, and impacts on biodiversity, while delivering protection of human rights, etc. Read More
Regenerate and Rejoice at Finca Luna Nueva Lodge

Regenerate and Rejoice at Finca Luna Nueva Lodge

Thomas Newmark
Finca Luna Nueva Lodge
If it’s a farm-to-table experience in the rainforest you’re seeking, we’re here to fill your senses. But what about filling your souls? Is there a rainforest medicine that gives you hope about the planet? We think so, and it’s called regenerative farming. We produce food in a way that mimics how rainforests create food energy – growing food that repairs and enriches our ecosystem. Read More
2023 State of Green Business

State of Green Business 2023 and the Top 10 Trends

Joel Makower
GreenBiz Group
In the 16th annual edition of the State of Green Business, the GreenBiz editors and analysts have selected 10 key trends worth watching, reflecting a broad spectrum of environmental and sustainability topics: transportation, carbon removal, the circular economy, climate tech, sustainable food systems, renewable energy and more. Also find the state of biodiversity, and insights on green jobs and careers. Read More
ImpactAssets 2023 Investment Fund Mgrs list

ImpactAssets 2023 Impact Investment Fund Managers List

ImpactAssets has released its twelfth annual IA 50 List, a free database for impact investors, family offices, corporate and family foundations and institutional investors that features a diversified listing of private capital fund managers delivering social and environmental impact as well as financial returns. This year’s list includes Emerging Impact Managers and Emeritus Impact Managers. Read More
2023 CDFI Sustainable Investing Trends

2023 CDFI Sustainable Investing Trends

Keisha Bolden
Self-Help Credit Union
Sustainable investing has gained momentum over the past decade with both financial professionals and casual investors. Growing social, economic, and environmental concerns have fueled an increase in socially responsible investments, and CDFIs are critical players, leveraging specialized knowledge and resources to create innovative financial products with a positive social return. Here are key CDFI investing trends. Read More
Billion Oyster Project boat by Lexey Swall - The Pew Charitable Trusts

Innovative Use of Farmed Oysters Boosts Businesses and the Environment

Aaron Kornbluth, Joseph Gordon & Zach Greenberg
Pew Charitable Trusts
Oyster aquaculture and restoration program celebrates successes, looks to the futureWhen the COVID-19 outbreak shuttered restaurants throughout the country, commercial oyster growers saw their sales plummet. At the same time, the pandemic forced many organizations that were restoring native oyster reefs to suspend their work. During this challenging period, The Pew Charitable Trusts’ conserving marine life in the U.S. project and The Nature Conservancy recognized an opportunity to connect the two groups through an effort that we named Supporting Oyster Aquaculture and Restoration (SOAR). Read More
Brands Grapple with Sustainable Growth in Crowded Stalling Alt-Protein Market - Kelloggs Incogmeato

Brands Grapple with Sustainable Growth in Crowded, Stalling, Alternative-Protein Market

Tom Idle
Sustainable Brands
Industry players must keep making their products even more attractive, appeal to older generations and bring down costs. Only then can we address the significant environmental impacts of animal agriculture while satisfying the meat-loving masses. The environmental benefits of having a hefty proportion of the global population moving to a meat-free diet are well documented. Animal farming uses around 77 percent of the world’s agricultural land; yet, it only supplies 17 percent of our food. It is this inefficiency that continues to drive the expansion of farms, and ongoing deforestation and loss of ecosystems. Read More
The Mad team speaking with farmers - Mad Capital closes $4m Seed Round to finance Regnerative AG

Mad Capital Closes $4m Seed Round to Finance Regenerative Agriculture

Mad Capital, an impact-focused lender offering funding for organic and transitioning farmers, announced that they've raised a $4M seed round, led by Trailhead Capital. "Regenerative agriculture aspires to work with nature, rather than against it. Our goal is to finance 10 million acres of farmland by 2032." said co-founder, Phil Taylor. Conventional industrial agriculture is responsible for the ongoing degradation of our soil, greenhouse gas emissions, biodiversity loss, and chemical laden foods. Regenerative farming is a rising movement that addresses these challenges. However, many farmers struggle to convert to regenerative because traditional banks are largely unwilling to supply transition financing. Read More
The Glick farm in Pennsylvania - Organic Valley

What You Should Know About Soaring Egg Prices

Jennifer McBride
Rootstock/Organic Valley
Egg prices are in the news and hitting budgets hard. Two main factors led to higher egg prices, but there may be a bit of relief coming. Through November 2022, egg prices jumped 49%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. If you’ve checked the grocery store, the price of a dozen eggs varies but you may see prices closing in on $10. You can also find organic eggs at a lower price point than conventional. Read More
Hypatia annouces launch of Exchange Traded Fund - Hypatia Women CEO ETF

Hypatia Announces Launch of Exchange Traded Fund – Hypatia Women CEO ETF

Hypatia Capital
On January 9, Hypatia Capital Management LLC announced the launch of a new exchange traded fund, the Hypatia Women CEO ETF (NYSE: WCEO), which invests in large women-led companies. "We believe investors are increasingly interested in the research that highlights the performance of female leadership” said Patricia Lizarraga, founder and managing partner. Read More
Natural capital earns investor interest by Grant Harrison GreenBiz - shutterstock DIY13

Natural capital earns investor interest

Grant Harrison
GreenFin / GreenBiz Group
Institutional investors across the globe are taking stock of natural capital — the value extracted from soil, air, water, climate and all the living things and ecosystem services that make the economy possible. Examples include advancing sustainable hydroponics, beef alternatives, biodegradable consumer products and degraded land restoration. Read More
Jurisdictions with active and proposed regs or guidelines for ESG funds - MSCI

Six ESG and Climate Trends to Watch for 2023

Meggin Thwing Eastman
In MSCI’s ESG and Climate Trends to Watch for 2023 we discuss the key topics investors face, from climate change, the environment and the road to net-zero, through to regulatory requirements, supply chain innovations, biodiversity and new technologies, as well as issues affecting everyday life. Read More
Upcoming regulations in ESG Ratings - 3 implications for business from BSR - by Ellinor Haggebrink

Upcoming Regulations in ESG Ratings: Three Implications for Business

Ellinor Haggebrink
The field of ESG ratings is in a phase of rapid growth—it is estimated that there are 150 different ESG data providers in the market, and these figures are expected to grow. The estimated scale of ESG-related assets under management (AUM) is predicted to reach US$53 trillion by 2025, equivalent to a third of all global investments. Read More
Biodiversity Finance Guide Offers Investors a Blueprint to Protect Nature

Biodiversity Finance Guide Offers Investors a Blueprint to Protect Nature

“Protecting and restoring biodiversity and ecosystems is critical to ensuring sustainable economic growth. It is also a key component of our response to climate change mitigation, resilience, and adaptation. The private sector has a central role to play. This guide is a compass for businesses and investors seeking to align their activities with the goals of sustainable growth and a healthy planet.” said Makhtar Diop, IFC Read More
Calvert Impact releases its 2022 Impact Report - Need for Transformational Change

Calvert Impact Releases its 2022 Impact Report: The Need for Transformative Change

Calvert Impact recently announced the publication of its 2022 Impact Report: Responding to the Need for Transformative Change. The report showcases Calvert Impact's portfolio partners' work in communities around the globe and the impact of its investors' capital. It also highlights key internal trends, with particularly noteworthy increases in Calvert Impact's climate and small business portfolios. Read More
Just Good Investing - Our Gender Lens Investing Journey by Jenn Pryce

Just Good Investing: Our Gender Lens Investing Journey

Jenn Pryce
Calvert Impact
Calvert Impact has invested in women since our founding nearly 30 years ago. As an investment firm dedicated to investing in solutions that people and planet need, we helped grow the microfinance and community development financial industries, both of which are important sources of capital for female entrepreneurs. Ten years ago, we began experimenting with a more formal approach to investing in women. Read More
Good Intentions - What faiths say about how they invest and how they can do more

Good Intentions: What faiths say about how they invest – and how they can do more

Here’s the first in-depth, multi-faith analysis of the extent to which faith groups align their values with their investment portfolios. There's been a huge rise in interest in values-driven investing in recent years, including among faith groups who are increasingly aware of the importance of investing in line with their faith values to help them achieve their environmental and social goals. Read More
Image courtesy of Getty Images. Its not a Nice Thing! by Mark Regier Praxis Mutual Funds

It’s Not a “Nice Thing”!

Mark Regier
Praxis Mutual Funds and Everence Financial
Community investing combines prudent management and economic sustainability of traditional investments with an understanding of the challenges faced by orgs seeking to bring opportunity and long-term financial viability to those on the margins of our society. Where charity seeks to do good work, community investing seeks to leverage charitable and community resources to expand that “good work” by multiples Read More
Investing in Water Stewardship by Thomas Schumann and Willem Buiter

Global Water Security–the single most significant impact and investment opportunity

Thomas Schumann and Kübra Koldemir
Thomas Schumann Capital and SustainFinance
Water is essential to planetary well-being and securing water for different uses provides countries with socio-economic development. However, investing in water resource development is still challenging for governments and corporations worldwide. Energy has alternatives (solar, wind, nuclear, etc.), but there is NO substitute for water. Read More
Heron Spectrum investment tools - GreenMoney Oct.22

Optimizing Assets for Mission

Dana Bezerra
Heron Foundation
Should a private foundation be more than a private investment company that uses some of its excess cash flow for charitable purposes? This was a question pondered by the Heron Foundation’s Board of Directors as they considered how best to use the Foundation’s assets to promote its mission of helping people and communities help themselves. And for the last 10 years, Heron has invested 100 percent of our assets for our mission. Read More
Brilliant Planet is a carbon capture and storage company unlocking the power of algae as affordable sequestration - ImpactAssets - GreenMoney

Tapping the Catalytic Capital Potential of Donor Advised Funds

Timothy Freundlich
Impact investing has found a foothold in donor advised funds. From affluent individuals and families to community and corporate foundations, donors are looking at the investment side of their philanthropic capital and investing charitable assets in ways that provide immediate benefit to those who need it most. The $160 billion in DAF assets represents a pool of patient capital and an ideal source of catalytic capital. Read More
Ten Nature-Inspired Companies Addressing Enviro and Social Issues from Biomimicry Inst

Ten Nature-Inspired Companies Addressing ESG Issues

From inventing higher-performing and more sustainable renewable energy systems, to reducing food waste, to solving the plastic waste problem, the 2022 Ray of Hope Prize finalists offer inspiring solutions through their use of biomimicry. The finalists were selected from companies from around the world by Biomimicry Institute team and other experts. Read More
2022 GreenBiz 30 Under 30 List of Leaders

2022 GreenBiz 30 Under 30 List of Sustainability Leaders

Transforming CO2 into concrete and plastics. Designing cutting-edge green university campuses. Sourcing circular materials for consumer electronics, cleaning products and fashion. Expanding diverse talent in sustainability professions. Those are just a few of the ambitious efforts of the 2022 members of the GreenBiz 30 Under 30 list. Read More
UNFI Climate Goals validated by SBTI-GreenMoney

UNFI’s Climate Goals Validated by SBTi

United Natural Foods, Inc. announced its science-based emissions reduction targets covering the organization’s operations and value chain have been validated and approved by the Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi), making the Company among the first NA wholesale grocery distributors to adopt these targets. A core part of UNFI’s ESG agenda. Read More
Newday Impact Launches Ocean Health ETF

Newday Impact Launches Ocean Health ETF

Newday Impact, a asset management and financial technology company recently launches the Newday Ocean Health ETF. The fund is one of the few ETFs dedicated to protecting and restoring healthy marine ecosystems. It builds on the company’s five years of impact investing and strong relationships with grassroots nonprofit organizations. Read More
Ceres New Guide to Aid US Food Sectors Climate Transition-Food Emission 50 initiative

Ceres’ New Guide to Aid U.S. Food Sector’s Climate Transition Plans

Despite greater corporate climate disclosure and commitments to greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets, net zero targets and other climate-related goals, many companies in the U.S. food sector fail to adequately disclose to investors on how they intend to achieve said ambitions. This new report provides comprehensive guidance. Read More
The Climate Crisis is a Health Emergency-by Ebony Perkins

It’s Official: The Climate Crisis is a Health Emergency

Ebony Perkins
Impact Finance Center
It’s natural to want to celebrate our progress in the fight against climate change. Since GreenMoney’s founding in 1992, we’ve had a few wins —we’ve bent the emissions curve, leaders have committed to cutting emissions further, EV sales have skyrocketed, and clean energy costs have declined. Investors are investing in communities now experiencing the direct effects of climate change. But there is still much work to do. Read More
What would Nature do - What would Nature have ME do - by Katherine Collins

What Would Nature Do? What Would Nature Have Me Do? The Next Thirty Years

Katherine Collins
Putnam Investments
I see a great reconnection in business and investing taking root – a joining-up of finance and the wisdom of our natural world. I don’t mean a focus on investing in nature, though that is vital. I mean a focus on investing as nature, a shift in how our decisions are considered and made and monitored. It reflects a deeper level of reunion, a reconnection of investing with the world it is meant to serve. Read More
The Way You Invest Matters by Amy Domini

The Way You Invest Matters: Setting the Stage for the Next 30 Years

Amy Domini
Domini Impact Investments
The first phase of the responsible investment movement has matured. We, at Domini, believe the way companies respect their relationships with people and the planet adds value to the investment decision-making process. Our stakeholders include the natural ecology, work forces, suppliers, customers, investors, taxpayers, and communities, both locally and in the global sense. Read More
Introducing the GoSun Grid – Outdoor Fun & Resilience

Introducing the GoSun Grid – Outdoor Fun & Resilience

GoSun has created a micro-grid of self-reliance that integrates nearly 30 products designed to work in unison, or as stand-alone portable energy solutions. These appliances are some of the most efficient appliances possible, so you only need a small amount of energy to get the job done in the first place. Indeed, a conventional oven needs up to 4000wh to cook a meal, the GoSun oven only needs 150wh. Read More
Why the World of Vertical Farming has become so hot

Why the World of Vertical Farming Has Become So Hot

Bowery Farming produce is now sold in more than 850 supermarkets across America including Whole Foods Markets, Walmart and Amazon Fresh. “There is a critical need for new solutions to our current agricultural system – as well as an enormous economic opportunity. This is just the beginning,” said Irving Fain, CEO and founder of Bowery Farming. Read More
Our Healing Begins in the Soil by Jeff Tkach of Rodale Institute

Our Healing Begins in the Soil

Jeff Tkach
Rodale Institute
Our food and agriculture systems are fundamentally broken. It’s no exaggeration to say that the warming planet, social inequities, and health epidemics bear this out. However, there’s real hope. We can heal ourselves, our communities, and our planet when we begin to participate once again in the creation of healthier food systems through regenerative organic agriculture. Read More
How will Celebrity Investors Impact the Agriculture Industry by Jane Marsch -

How Will Celebrity Investors Impact the Agriculture Industry?

Jane Marsh
The future of food and farming may not be dependent solely on breakthroughs in science – celebrity investors may play a role in changing the way society thinks about food from farm to table. And as improvements in agriculture technology become more well-known, more investors look at agriculture through new eyes - and choose to invest in something that will benefit the world. Read More
Equal Exchange-A Mission Accomplished by Ted Ketcham GreenMoney

Equal Exchange: A Mission Accomplished

Ted Ketcham
GreenMoney Journal
It was a fortuitous sharing of vision and willingness to take risks that drove Equal Exchange founders in 1986 to move forward with their vision of Fair Trade and a better world. The three were managers at a food cooperative in the NE who dreamed of a large and inclusive economy that lifted up the prosperity of growers in the Third World, growers whose poorly paid labor had long kept the wealthy in comfort and the growers in poverty. Read More
Setting the Benchmark for Sustainable Agriculture

Setting the Benchmark for Sustainable Agriculture

Craig Wichner
Farmland LP
Organic farming is both good for the environment and can generate attractive returns. Our first fund had a 69 percent financial gain in net asset value over seven years. Also, our largest CA farm showed we generated a 46 percent net gain for the ecosystem, including: carbon sequestered in the soil, harmful ag practices avoided, enhanced biodiversity, healthy pollinator habitats, and reduced use of water for crops. Read More
Food and Ag - Finding Sustainble Solutions Old and New

Food and Agriculture: Finding Sustainable Solutions, Old and New

Mary Beth Gallagher
Domini Impact Investments
Regenerative agriculture involves practices that equitably use land to address climate change, biodiversity, soil health, and the well-being of workers and local economies. In 2019, Domini launched its Forest Project, focusing on the systemic importance of forests to environmental systems, businesses, and investments. We recently drew more explicit connections between our forest work and our sustainable agriculture work. Read More
Why Slow Money-by Woody Tasch - Slow Money Institute

Why Slow Money?

Woody Tasch
Slow Money
Since the slow money movement’s first low interest loan to a local organic farm in 2010, more than $80 million has flowed to over 800 small farms and local food businesses. And now we’ve launched as a platform for small donors to participate in building a grassroots source of capital as we also aim for more local 0% loan groups. Slow Money is fixing things from the ground up in ways that industrial food systems and industrial financial systems cannot. Read More
Plant-based Innovation and Climate ETF from VegTech Launches on NYSE.

Plant-based Innovation & Climate ETF from VegTech Launches on NYSE

“We are excited to be what we believe is the first pure-play ETF that invests in companies innovating with plants and producing animal free products. We believe that today’s investors want a more resource efficient, climate friendly, and cruelty-free food and materials supply system…and want to invest their dollars in the same,” said Elysabeth Alfano, CEO and CMO of VegTech Invest Read More
ImpactAssets releases 2022 Impact Investment Fund Managers List - GreenMoney

ImpactAssets releases its 2022 Impact Investment Fund Managers List

ImpactAssets has released its eleventh annual IA 50 List, a free database for impact investors, family offices, corporate and family foundations and institutional investors that features a diversified listing of private capital fund managers delivering social and environmental impact as well as financial returns.This year’s list includes Emerging Impact Managers and Emeritus Impact Managers. Read More
Investing in Women, Impacting the World

Investing in Women, Impacting the World

Stella Tai
Praxis Mutual Funds
Recently I had the privilege of visiting several organizations in Kenya supported through Praxis Mutual Funds’ commitment to community development investing. This was alongside a visit to my family in my birth country, after five years of being away. This article is a personal reflection on how impact investing and gender lens investing delivers real-world impacts – and how financial advisors can help their clients understand those impacts. Read More
We Cant Afford Polluted Water by Gloria Reuben Waterkeeper Alliance

We Can’t Afford Polluted Water

Gloria Reuben
Waterkeeper Alliance
For far too long, protections for clean water and other environmental regulations have been framed as an impediment to a strong economy. When in reality, the opposite is true. Water is the foundation of a stable and growing economy and thriving communities. Protecting everyone’s right to clean water is a moral obligation. And it’s also a financial necessity. We simply can’t afford polluted water and here’s why… Read More
Navigating the Canals of Water Investing by Garvin Jabusch and Betsy Moszeter Green Alpha Advisors

Navigating the Canals of Water Investing

Garvin Jabusch and Betsy Moszeter
Green Alpha Advisors
From the March 2022 Archive – Water is elemental. Crucial for life as we know it. Finite in supply, particularly fresh water, and is degraded over time by countless contaminants. Add it all up and it seems like the perfect combination of inelastic demand and diminishing supply. We need more, and better access to, safe, fresh water. It seems very straightforward to invest in freshwater solutions, but is it? Read More
NEXUS Launches Impact Accelerator - Next Gen for Social Impact

NEXUS Launches Impact Accelerator: Next Gen for Social Impact

NEXUS, a unique global community that brings together Next Gen philanthropists, impact investors and social innovators representing over $700B in family assets with a deep dedication to social impact, announced the launch of its second annual Impact Accelerator. To help manage this exciting program, NEXUS is partnering with H/L Ventures, one of New York's most active firm focused on impact and diversity. Read More
GreenMoney named One of the Most Influential DEI Leaders for 2021

GreenMoney Named One of the Most Influential DEI Leaders for 2021

“We believe it is important to recognize and reward leaders who work to improve the lives of diverse individuals. This new DEI Leaders List shines a light on those who are driving positive change within their organizations and communities. We are proud to recognize these remarkable individuals and we look forward to seeing their continued impact.” – Tiffany Pham, CEO and founder, Mogul. Read More
New CERES Report- Feeding Ourselves Thirsty

New CERES Report: Feeding Ourselves Thirsty

Most food companies are not taking the necessary action to reduce their demands and impacts on freshwater resources, further worsening the global water crisis, according to a new report from the sustainability nonprofit Ceres. The new report, Feeding Ourselves Thirsty, is a benchmark analysis of 38 food companies, that shows some encouraging signs of progress on corporate water management, but underscores that much more work needs to be done by companies to help ensure sustainable water supplies, now and in the future. Read More
Everytable is a Los Angeles based social enterprise providing nutritious, fresh food affordable and accessible to all, including many in food deserts or underserved communities

Praxis Releases its Real Impact 2021 Report

Praxis Mutual Funds, a leading faith-based, socially responsible family of mutual funds from Everence Financial has released a new impact report entitled “Praxis Real Impact 2021”. The report communicates the many ways that Praxis’ unique values-driven approach to sustainable investing, delivered real-world change through a range of impact strategies in 2020. This year’s report introduces the new Praxis ImpactX framework: seven strategies that Praxis uses when evaluating potential investments. This framework of distinct impact strategies highlights how investments can support and contribute to the change we want to see in the world. Read More
Esther Pan Sloane-Upping the Game of International Climate Finance-Interview by David Garrison-Climate and Capital Media

Esther Pan Sloane: Upping the game of international climate finance

David Garrison
Climate & Capital Media
A discussion of market gaps in financing, using legacy data sources, and the risk of network biases with Esther Pan Sloane, head of partnerships, policy and communications for the UNCDF. In this conversation with C&C’s co-founder David Garrison, Esther shares thoughts on five key points, as part of the Climate Leadership Interviews series. Read More
2021 Responsible Business Awards from Reuters Events - Ceres boss Mindy Lubber and Cranfield U David Grayson are honored

2021 Responsible Business Awards from Reuters Events

A great variety of different sectors and industries from all over the world were represented at the virtual awards ceremony. The diversity on display – both in terms of geography and in the working sphere – demonstrated how delivering a clean, more responsible business future is now an international mainstream effort – and opportunity. Read More
Impact Shares ETFs Receive 5-Star Morningstar Rating

Impact Shares ETFs Receive 5-Star Morningstar Rating

“Since day one, our mission at Impact Shares is to transform the way people think about investing. The outstanding financial performance of our three flagship funds demonstrates the viability of working with leading advocacy firms to achieve actively-managed social outcomes without sacrificing financial returns.”– Ethan Powell, CEO of Impact Shares Read More
The Rise in Green Bonds - What this means for Investors and the Planet by Leslie Samuelrich Green Century Funds

The Rise in Green Bonds: What This Means for Investors and Our Planet

Leslie Samuelrich
Green Century Funds
In the first half of 2021, the total value of new green bonds issued reached almost $250 billion, more than the value of all bonds issued in all of 2020. Green bonds have proven to be an effective way to mobilize private capital as they have the same fundamental risk and return characteristics as conventional bonds. Read More
Investing in a Disruptive Climate by Scott Schwartz of EntentVest

Investing in a Disruptive Climate

Scott Schwartz
My book, Investing in a New Climate is not about doom and gloom, but about adapting to different kinds of “changes” in our world. Climate change is about the shifting of circumstances. To survive — and succeed — we must adapt. What impact will a new meteorological climate means to economies, industries, and financial markets around the world? Read More
Paul Hawken-Regeneration-Ending the climate crisis in one generation

Regeneration: Ending the Climate Crisis in One Generation

Paul Hawken | author
with a foreword by Jane Goodall
Paul Hawken’s new book explains how Regeneration creates abundance, not scarcity. It expands what is possible. It is about the optimism of action instead of the pessimism of thought. Regeneration is an inspiring and necessary guide to today’s climate movement that will enable readers to understand its many facets — and more importantly, to act. Read More
Ten to Watch - Pioneeers of the Blue Economy by Climate and Capital Media

Ten to Watch: Pioneers of the Blue Economy

the Climate & Capital Team
The “Blue Economy” is defined as the systems and economic opportunities emerging in how we protect and maintain a healthy ocean. For World Oceans Day, we showcased Ten innovators and leaders to watch in the Blue Economy. These ocean innovators will inspire and excite you with their amazing stories and innovations. Read More
Climate Positive Financing in Sea Farming - by Leah B Thibault CEI

Climate Positive Financing in Sea Farming

Leah B. Thibault
Coastal Enterprises Inc.
When it comes to climate change, oceans are the bellwether. For Maine, with a heritage and economy heavily tied to the sea, this is increasingly apparent in the changing behaviors of marine creatures, which is also affecting people’s lives and livelihoods. For Maine’s iconic fishing industry, known for its sustainable management of marine resources, commercial aquaculture can be a part of the solution. Read More
Sustainable Ocean Investing Gets Real - Opportunities Across All Asset Classes by Ted Janulis of Investable Oceans - photo by Morgan Bennett-Smith

Sustainable Ocean Investing Gets Real: Opportunities Across All Asset Classes

Ted Janulis
Investable Oceans
ESG and sustainable investing have taken center stage in asset management. Climate and now Oceans are leaders in this elevation with a proliferation of products, firms, and frameworks increasingly on investors’ radar screens. The oceans are becoming broadly investable, with market-based opportunities across all sectors of the Blue Economy. Read More
B Lab Announces Best for the World 2021 B Corps

B Lab Announces the Best For The World 2021 B Corps

B Lab has announced the Certified B Corporations (B Corps) that have achieved the distinction of Best for the World 2021 companies. It recognizes the B Corps globally whose B Impact Assessment scores ranked in the top five percent, and across one or more of the five impact areas - community, customers, environment, governance, and workers. Read More
GSIA Releases Global Sustainable Investment Review 2020

GSIA Releases Global Sustainable Investment Review 2020

The Global Sustainable Investment Alliance, of which US SIF is a founding member, has released its biennial Global Sustainable Investment Review 2020, revealing an industry that has grown to US $35.3 trillion, up 15 percent since 2018. It now comprises 36 percent of all professionally managed assets in the US, the EU, Australia/NZ, Canada, and Japan. Read More
3BL Media Announces 100 Best Corporate Citizens of 2021

3BL Media Announces 100 Best Corporate Citizens

3BL Media’s annual 100 Best Corporate Citizens ranking, recognizes leading environmental, social and governance (ESG) transparency and performance amongst the 1,000 largest U.S. public companies. Owens Corning tops the 2021 ranking for the third consecutive year, followed by General Mills, HP, Cisco, and Intel. Read More
Beyond Investing

Beyond Investing Expands Range of Animal-Friendly Investment Products

In June, Beyond Investing announced it is launching five new investment products in partnership with its affiliate Beyond Impact. The products are spread across the world, in both public and private markets, providing more options for investors, and to further Beyond Investing’s mission of a world free of animal exploitation. Read More
2021 GreenBiz 30 Under 30 List of Sustainability Leaders

2021 GreenBiz 30 Under 30 List of Sustainability Leaders

Their dreams are bright: Walkable, equitable cities. Clean energy for Native American communities. Planet-healing fast food. Circular outdoor gear. Decarbonized buildings. Electrified mobility. That’s only a sampling of the ambitions of the sixth class of the GreenBiz 30 Under 30. The honorees for 2021 are intrepid startup founders, tenacious corporate innovators and determined public servants. Read More
Organic Valley Launches Clean Energy Fund for its Farmers-GreenMoney-June 2021

Organic Valley Launches Clean Energy Fund for its Farmers

Advancing its commitment to regenerative farming systems, Organic Valley is partnering with the Clean Energy Credit Union to provide loans for farmers seeking to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels with renewable energy and efficiencies. The program is first of its kind for both cooperatives, pioneering a unique clean energy loan fund for over 1,700 farmers across the country. Read More
Can We Pay Farmers to Store Carbon Emissions - by Marcello Rossi-CCM

Can We Pay Farmers to Store Carbon Emissions in Their Fields?

Marcello Rossi
Climate & Capital Media
Simply cutting CO2 emissions is not enough, says the UN IPCC. To slow global warming, we need to actually remove carbon from the sky. But how? As companies turn to the latest carbon-capture technologies, one low-tech solution has been gaining ground: Carbon farming, or regenerative agriculture. Read More
Speed of Trust-A Native American Investment of Restorative Ag and Economics by Theo Ferguson

Speed of Trust: A Native American Investment Example of Restorative Agriculture and Economics

Theo Ferguson
Healing Living Systems
Indigenous people are on a journey together. Money is love. Money is medicine. These enterprises are cultural capital. We undertake these entrepreneurial deals as Native Americans. This regenerative agricultural enterprise is taking back the Buffalo, our relatives, and bringing our people back to their health. Read More
Betterment Harvest-Ag-Tech in Appalachia

Betterment Harvest: Ag-Tech in Appalachia

Mark LaVerghetta
Land Betterment Corporation
Betterment Harvest is currently building on the regional momentum to bring a scalable and community-based approach to sustainable Ag which utilizes state-of-the-art, science-based practices that maximize productivity and profit while minimizing environmental damage, like installing indoor hydroponic systems in renovated industrial buildings in KY. Read More
Investing in Local Sustainable Ag and Food by Dorothy Suput-the Carrot Project

The Carrot Project: Investing in Local Sustainable Ag and Food

Dorothy Suput
The Carrot Project
During the pandemic, farmers and food producers selling locally showed their strength, as the global food system showed weakness. Local farms provided good food, while stewarding the land and strengthening communities. Our local food ecosystem’s resilience is a result of the incredible work ethic of farmers, buoyed by varied collaborations and the growing role of investors. Read More
Reaping the Promise of Regenerative Agriculture by Craig Wichner - Farmland LP

Reaping the Promise of Regenerative Agriculture

Craig Wichner
Farmland LP
Regenerative farming involves nurturing the land through healthy soil biology, crop rotations, pollinator habitat, and other science-based practices focused on making that land more vital and productive to the roots. We look at each 20 to 40 acre field on each farm and identify its ideal crops and develop a 10-year crop rotation plan to increase soil health, plant happiness and the best economics. Read More
IA 50 2021 free database logo

ImpactAssets’ IA 50 Impact Investment Fund Managers List

The industry’s first publicly available, searchable resource of impact investing fund managers sees record number of applicants and assets, reflecting the innovation and exponential growth that the IA 50 has helped to spotlight over the past decade. Read More
Claire Smith-Beyond Investing platform

Beyond Investing–World’s First Vegan Investment Platform

Founded by Claire Smith, Beyond Investing is an advisor to the world’s first cruelty-free and eco-friendly ETF. Beyond Impact Advisors, invests in plant-based and cruelty-free start-ups and animal-replacing foodtech and biotech. And Beyond Animal, works to grow the vegan economy. Read More
Green Century Funds celebrates 30th Anniversary-GreenMoney

Green Century Funds Celebrates their 30th Anniversary

Green Century Funds are the first family of fossil fuel free, responsible, and diversified mutual funds in the US. The Funds have an award-winning shareholder advocacy program and are the only mutual fund company wholly-owned by environmental and public health nonprofits. Read More
Investors Command Market Leaders on Chemical Footprinting and Safety-GreenMoney

Investors Commend Market Leaders on Chemical Footprinting and Safety

The new Report authored by Clean Production Action, benchmarks companies on their progress toward best practice in chemicals management and discusses corporate leadership strategies on this increasingly important investment issue. A variety of investors commend market leaders for normalizing chemical footprinting and setting new trends for chemical safety. Read More
Transformative Investment in Climate-Smart Agriculture

Transformative Investment in Climate-Smart Agriculture

By 2025, widespread adoption of climate-smart ag practices could reduce ag's contribution to total U.S. GHG emissions by more than half. These practices – including rotating crops, planting cover crops, reducing tillage and integrating crop and livestock systems – improve soil health, sequester carbon and produce co-benefits such as reduced erosion, increased water infiltration, and economic and environmental resiliency. Read More
Clean Energy Credit Union logo

Carbon Clean 200: Investing in a Clean Energy Future 2021

Andy Behar
As You Sow and
Toby Heaps
Corporate Knights
Corporate Knights and As You Sow released their annual update to the Clean 200 list of companies that are leading the way with solutions for the transition to a clean energy future. The companies are putting sustainability at the heart of their products, services, business models, and investments. Read More
Top Sustainable Business Trends 2021 from GreenBiz-Joel Makower

Top Sustainable Business Trends 2021 from GreenBiz

Joel Makower
GreenBiz Group
The annual State of Green Business report is presented in two parts. First are the 10 Trends to watch in the world of sustainable business and second the State of Green Business Index, which looks at wide range of metrics for thousands of companies and provides insights into the direction business is headed. Read More
Making Money Count by Rachel McDonough-Make Your Money Count

­­Making Money Count

Rachel McDonough
Make Your Money Count
All of the chapters in my money story could be summed up with three words: make it count... For me, true financial success comes when we thoughtfully combine money with meaning and (for those who are so inclined) faith. Wealth is best managed according to a purpose higher than self, a principle I saw lived out in my family. The essence of my money story focuses on faith more than finances. Read More
Starbucks Selects 7 Local Lenders for First Round of Community Resilience Fund

Starbucks Announces $100 Million Investment in CDFIs and Other Impact-focused Financial Institutions

As part of its long-standing commitment to use its scale and platform to positively impact the communities it serves, the Starbucks Community Resilience Fund will invest $100 million by 2025, to advance racial equity and environmental resilience by supporting small business growth and community development projects in neighborhoods with historically limited access to capital. Read More
The NextGen Committee of the Ray C. Anderson Foundation has awarded $100000 grant to Cultural Survival supporting grassroots Indigenous solutions to climate change-AG Training School

Ray C. Anderson Foundation’s NextGen Committee Awards $100,000 Grant to Cultural Survival

The Foundation’s NextGen Committee is comprised of Ray Anderson’s five grandchildren and their spouses. Carrying on Ray’s impactful legacy over the past eight years, the committee has funded more than $500,000 in programs with focus ranging from conservation and climate change education, to urban agriculture, agroforestry and now grassroots solutions to climate change in Indigenous communities. Read More
Ten Trends Shaping Sustainability in 2021-from Center for Sustainability and Excellence-GreenMoney

10 Trends That Will Shape Sustainability in 2021 and Beyond

Research Team
Center for Sustainability & Excellence
Going into 2021, investors and business executives are facing increasing economic challenges and risks in several sectors. Impactful trends like climate risks, ESG factors for investors, non-economic disclosures, social inequality, circular economy, and carbon net zero strategies are some of the issues that will be on the top of business leaders to-do-lists in order to have a more resilient and sustainable economy. Read More
Saving Biodiversity-Investing in Climate Change is Not Enough-by Vicki Benjamin-Karner Blue Capital

Saving Biodiversity: Investing in Climate Change is Not Enough

Vicki Benjamin
Karner Blue Capital
The environmental problems that define our lifetime are climate change and biodiversity loss. Although both are the result of the actions of mankind, they are distinct issues and their consequences are inextricably linked. Examining the nexus of these challenges is valuable to academics, scientists, and investors alike with a shared interest in finding solutions that mitigate both challenges while ensuring the future sustainability of the planet. Read More
GreenMoney Interviews Liesel Pritzker Simmons-with Cliff Feigenbaum

GreenMoney Interviews: Liesel Pritzker Simmons

Cliff Feigenbaum
(From the Archives)Last year I spoke with Liesel Pritzker Simmons of Blue Haven Initiative, where she oversees an impact investing portfolio structured to generate financial returns and address ESG challenges. The portfolio spans asset classes, from traditional equities and private equity to philanthropic programs. Blue Haven was created with impact investing as its mission. Read More
Photo by Markus Winkler - Unsplash - GreenMoney 2021 Editorial Calendar

GreenMoney Journal’s 2021 Editorial Calendar

The GreenMoney Journal team is excited to announce our Editorial Calendar for 2021. Truthfully, we spend months deciding on these topics and you’ll notice we have added a couple of new ones for 2021 including ‘Green Impact Bonds’ and ‘Oceans and Climate’. Each issue explores different aspects of the topic throughout the month online and in our biweekly eJournals. Read More
Starbucks Announces Mellody Hobson as Next Board Chair-GreenMoney

Starbucks Announces Mellody Hobson as Next Board Chair

Mellody has been a trusted advisor to me and the company for more than 20 years. She is a fearless leader defined by her grace and wisdom. She has long embraced the purpose of Starbucks and, along with the leadership team, will continue to reimagine Starbucks future through the foundation of its past” said Howard Schultz, founder and chairman emeritus Read More
Rodale Inst Invests $2M in IVF to Grow Organic Acres

Rodale Institute Invests $2M in IVF to Grow Organic Acres

Rodale Institute, the global leader of regenerative organic agriculture, is “putting its money where its mouth is” by investing $2 million dollars with Iroquois Valley Farmland Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), a farmland finance company that works with mission-driven investors to provide organic and regenerative farmers land security through long-term leases and mortgages. Read More
Calvert Impact Capital 2020 Impact Report-by Jennifer Pryce

Calvert Impact Capital 2020 Impact Report & 25th Anniv.

Jennifer Pryce
Calvert Impact Capital
Over the past 25 years, CIC has grown to a firm with over $575 million in total assets, raising capital from hundreds of brokerage firms and institutions and thousands of individuals. Making nearly a 1,000 loans and investments to over 500 organizations across 100+ countries, supporting hundreds of thousands of businesses and benefitting millions of lives around the world. Read More
Biomimicry and Business-How Companies are Using Natures Strategies-by Margo Farnsworth

Biomimicry & Business: Companies Using Nature’s Strategies

“Biomimicry and Business is exactly what the movement needs right now examples of people successfully practicing biomimicry to help heal their part of the world. This new book [by Margo Farnsworth] represents the next step and will be important in the annals of this emerging discipline” said Janine Benyus, Co-Founder of the Biomimicry Institute. Read More
Why Climate Finance? Why Now? by John Howell-Climate & Capital Mediua-GreenMoney

Why Climate Finance? Why Now?

John Howell
Climate & Capital Media
In 25 years of reporting on sustainable business, I have become fascinated by the pivotal relationship between capital and innovative solutions to climate-related issues. More recently, I have engaged with organizations, companies, and events as many have focused ESG, impact investing, and SRI strategies and practices that address climate change. Read More
Tree planting at a World Tree farm with investors-World Tree USA-GreenMoney

Swing Out Sister: How Women Founders Can Shine in 2021 and Beyond

Dr. Cathy Key
World Tree USA
This year World Tree became the highest funded female-founded company on Wefunder. We raised over $2 million and became the third most funded company on the platform ever. Our core mission is to “Elevate, Educate, and Innovate for the Planet.” We value people and we value Mother Earth. Our business is designed to address big issues like climate change, poverty, and deforestation. Read More
Moving Beyond Child Labor-Faith Investors Must Pay Greater Attention to Market Decisions-by Julie Tanner-Christian Bros Investment Serv

Moving Beyond Child Labor: Faith Investors Must Pay Greater Attention to Impacts on Children from Our Market Decisions

Julie Tanner
Christian Brothers Investment Services
Faith investors have long engaged companies and governments on exploitative practices involving child labor. They have also weighed in on negative infant formula marketing, violent video games, and obesity impacts from junk food over the past four decades. In fact, faith investors are typically the first shareowners to flag negative business impacts on children. Read More
The VERGE20 Conference Goes Virtual-GreenMoney

The VERGE 20 Conference Goes Virtual October 26-30 to Accelerate the Clean Economy

Join thousands of leaders online — from the private and public sectors, utilities, solution providers, investors, and startups — who are advancing systemic solutions to address the climate crisis through five key markets: clean energy, electrified transportation, the circular economy, carbon removal and sustainable food systems. Read More
World Tree USA Becomes Most Successful Female-Founded Company on Wefunder

World Tree USA Becomes the Most Successful Female Founded Company Ever on Wefunder

Started by Wendy Burton in 2015, World Tree USA, recently surpassed $2M on the Equity Crowdfunding Platform. This marks the third most successful capital raise in Wefunder’s history and the highest amount raised by any female founder. The agroforestry company offers investors the opportunity to participate in a timber investment through its Eco-Tree Program. Read More
US SIF Foundation Releases Report-Investing to Advance UN Sustainable Development Goals

US SIF Foundation Releases Report on Investing to Advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals

The report examines why sustainable investors in the United States are interested in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the challenges in furthering the SDGs. The Sept. 2020 report also assesses whether the SDGs have led to a change in investment strategies, new investment products or new investment flows. Read More
Responsible-Investing-in-China-by-John Streur-Hellen Mbugua-and-Jade Huang-Calvert Research and Mgmt

Responsible Investing in China

John Streur, Hellen Mbugua, and Jade Huang
Calvert Research and Management
China’s influence on the global economy, financial markets and geopolitical system is significant. The decision whether to invest in China is a complicated one. The power and reach of China’s state-led model, its weak human rights record and lack of transparency, can dissuade investors. Calvert chooses to invest in China and engage as a shareowner, rather than divest. Read More
Sustainable Investing Firm Blue Marble Celebrates 20th Anniversary-GreenMoney

Sustainable Investing Firm Blue Marble Celebrates its 20th Anniversary

“For 20 years we’ve been on the leading edge of ESG focused investment advice. From clean energy to gender empowerment to self-driving cars, we’ve helped investors build diversified ESG portfolios, and participate in some of the world’s fastest growing trends,” said Arturo Tabuenca, founder of Blue Marble Investments. Read More
Water and Pandemics-Alina Donets-Allianz Global Investors

Water and Pandemics

Alina Donets
Allianz Global Investors
The Covid-19 pandemic has brought much uncertainty to human lives and the global economy. In this turmoil, the water theme has not remained immune, facing many ambiguities and difficulties but also potential opportunities. The water industry now needs to consider the resilience of this essential service in the light of future risks while recognizing the importance of water for the well-being of our societies. Read More
The Future of Water-Jill Jedlicka-Waterkeeper Alliance Warrior-GreenMoney

The Future of Water

Mary Beth Postman
Waterkeeper Alliance
To weather this global pandemic, we need a sustained effort to protect the health and well-being of all people, while also planning for an economic recovery that leaves our communities and economy stronger and more resilient. One-fifth of the US economy, including the agriculture, healthcare, manufacturing, and electricity sectors, need a reliable and clean supply of water. Read More
The Rise of Water Investing-by Justin Winter-Impax-GreenMoney

The Rise of Water Investing

Justin Winter
Impax Asset Management
Clean water and sanitation for all is the subject of the UN’s sixth sustainable development goal, and an increasingly relevant topic to both emerging markets and the developed world. The need for water infrastructure is great in the developing world, and in the developed world, ensuring access to clean water is an ever-present issue. All of which brings opportunities for sustainable investors. Read More
LA Cleantech Incubator 2019 event on Fed Carbon Pricing Policy with Kirsten James-CERES-GreenMoney

Investors Use Climate Playbook to Scale Action on Water

Kirsten James
(From the 2020 Archives) The sheer scope of the global water crisis means that the entire financial system has to get onboard—and act boldly to significantly reduce water impacts. Creating this shift will depend on bringing together a broad group of investors and companies that recognize the market, and the financial and reputational risks of water use and management and act to mitigate these risks. Read More
Goranson Farm-Dresden Maine

Flipping the Switch: Catalytic Capital for Renewable Energy

Leah Thibault
CEI Maine
To expand municipal solar in Maine, we’ve helped community banks learn the ropes through participation in a CEI municipal solar loan. CEI takes the lead in organizing, negotiating and documenting a solar financing transaction, while the bank provides funding dollars and, learns how to replicate the model. The involvement of community banks, along with new legislation, has allowed the scale of projects to expand statewide. Read More
The 2020 GreenBiz 30 Under 30 List of Sustainability Leaders

The 2020 GreenBiz 30 Under 30 List of Sustainability Leaders

The fifth annual list from GreenBiz includes young sustainability leaders from companies, nonprofits and communities. They hail from seven countries, tackling diverse challenges — from cultivating a more sustainable food system to advocating for climate justice on behalf of disadvantaged communities to testing best practices for circular cities to negotiating impactful renewable energy contracts. Read More
Valuing Nature-A Handbook for Impact Investing-by William Ginn

Valuing Nature: A Handbook for Impact Investing

This new book by William Ginn, founder of NatureVest at TNC, outlines the need to invest trillions in renewing our large-scale infrastructure, from energy production to water delivery systems. While the business world has often exploited nature, he argues that its entrepreneurial talent and financial capital are critical resources for developing solutions to global issues while protecting natural systems. Read More
Slow Money conference in Longmont, CO 2017


Woody Tasch
Slow Money
As I sat down to write this article, a story appeared on CNN about the Whoa Nellie Farm in Acme, PA. I had no choice but to start the article with them because when, due to covid-19 supply chain disruptions, the farm’s milk processor stopped purchasing their milk, so they ramped up the bottling and pasteurization operation on the farm and put out a call to their community. Before long, there was a line of cars. Read More
Regeneration the Land and Native Communities with Bison-photo by Erika Larsen

Regenerating the Land and Native Communities with Bison

Dawn Sherman
Native American Natural Foods
As the demand for meat continues to escalate during this pandemic, the store shelves grow bare and the food supply system shows cracks. Sustainable, smaller production models, like Niman Ranch, are succeeding and supporting the families who work the land and raise the animals. At Native American Natural Foods, we believe buffalo can positively impact the future of a more sustainable food system. Read More
Domini launches Domini Sustainable Solutions Fund

Domini Launches the Domini Sustainable Solutions Fund

By investing in companies providing solution-oriented products and services aligned with themes — from renewable energy systems and electric vehicles to breakthrough medical technologies, healthy and organic food, and lending for underserved communities — the new Fund is designed to help create a more sustainable future and provide investors an opportunity to better align their portfolios with the SDGs. Read More
Yvon Chouinard-Patagonia-Why Food?

Why Food?

Yvon Chouinard
As I write this, the pandemic we’re experiencing has warned me that perhaps the days of buying expensive gear and plane tickets to travel halfway around the world to fish, ski, climb and surf may be over, if not greatly reduced. But we still need to eat. In fact, I think the only revolution we’re likely to see is in agriculture, and I want to be a part of that revolution. Read More
Farming for the Future at Frey Vineyards-Katrina Frey

Farming for the Future at Frey Vineyards

Katrina Frey
Frey Vineyards
(From the Archives) As organic food sales are increasing, consumers are also drinking more organic, no sulfites added, wine. So far in 2020, in light of the global pandemic, organic wine sales are rising as people are choosing to eat and drink pure products for their health and the health of the planet, because we know that sound organic farming practices will build healthy soil today and nourish future generations tomorrow. Read More
How to Spot Opportunities in Sustainable Food and Agriculture

How to Spot Opportunities in Sustainable Food and Agriculture

Michael Landymore
Impax Asset Management
The food and ag sector is transitioning towards more sustainable food production and consumption. Growing environmental and resource pressures, changing consumer demands, innovation, and regulations are disrupting depletive practices and unhealthy preferences. We now see new fast-growing insurgent companies and changing business models leading to investment opportunities. Read More
ImpactAssets 50 Impact Investment Fund Mgr Showcase

ImpactAssets’ IA 50 Impact Investment Fund Manager Showcase

The publicly available online database for impact investors, family offices, financial advisors and institutional investors features a diversified listing of private capital fund managers delivering social and environmental impact as well as financial returns. And new for 2020 is an Emerging Impact Manager category Read More
Kate Finn - First Peoples Worldwide - Recalibrating Risk for Indigenous Women - GreenMoney Journal

Recalibrating Risk Assessment for Indigenous Women

Kate Finn
First Peoples Worldwide
Risk assessment is a ubiquitous tool used to understand the impacts of investment. What past assessment tools have lacked, however, is a complete understanding of Indigenous women’s experiences of life in their communities. We are recalibrating the lens to more aptly account for Indigenous women’s economic and social wellbeing. Read More
Forefront of Econ Development in Indian Country by Chris James-AIED

At the Forefront of Economic Development in Indian Country

Chris James
American Indian Enterprise Development
For over 50 years, the National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development (NCAIED) has played a leading role in business and economic development for tribes, tribal owned businesses, Native American and Alaska Native entrepreneurs, and anyone seeking to do business or invest in Indian Country. Read More
Partnering with Indigenous Peoples-Carla Fredericks First Peoples Worldwide-GMJ

Partnering with Indigenous Peoples to Ensure a Just Transition

Carla Fredericks
First Peoples Worldwide at CU
March 1st Edition Overview As I read through the articles for this March 1st edition by so many esteemed contributors, I am struck by the progress that we have made together in this field. Our work has led us all to consider individually and collectively the frameworks and practices necessary to implement a just transition with and for Indigenous Peoples. Read More
Keith Doxtator, Oneida Nation - GreenMoney Journal

Oneida Nation: Rebuilding and Refining our SRI Practices

Keith Doxtator
Oneida Nation
The Oneida Nation, located in northeast WI, was one of the first Native Nations to formally adopt Sustainable, Responsible and Impact Investing policies for our trust assets. This resulted in nearly 30 years of engaging with companies as shareholders to bring forth issues impacting Native Country and the environment. Read More
GreenMoney Interviews: Jan Bryan talks with Jason Campbell

GreenMoney Interviews: Jan Bryan talks with Jason Campbell

Guest editor Jan Bryan talks with Jason Campbell
With the opportunity to interview a leader in the Native American community, the first name that came to mind was Jason Campbell, because he understands through his strong Native entrepreneurial spirit how Sustainable, Responsible, Impact (SRI) Investing can and does positively impact Indigenous Peoples. Read More
Germaine Simonson owner of Rocky Ridge Gas and Market

How Native Entrepreneurs are Tapping into the Grand Canyon Tourism Economy

Jessica Stago
Change Labs
A rediscovery of the Grand Canyon that includes our stories, accurate historical accounts, and true representation of Native people will provide visitors, as well as local communities, the opportunity to interact with our people in a positive way and create an equally beneficial economic paradigm. Read More
Native American Resources

Native American Resources

Indian Pueblo Cultural Center

New Mexico Maker Space & Incubator

Solve by MIT

Indigenous Communities Fellowship Program

Indian Pueblo Cultural Center Maker Space & Incubator

There is no place in New Mexico Read More
GoSun - Why Solar Makes Sense for Millennials - GreenMoney Journal

Why Solar Makes Sense for Millennials

Like many of us, Millennials are large consumers of energy. Previous generations may have been indifferent to where their energy came from; generated by a coal plant or at a dam. But this is changing as Millennials desire to have meaning in their work, their products, and the type of energy they consume. Read More
State of Green Business 2020 - GreenBiz - GreenMoney Journal

The State of Green Business 2020 from GreenBiz

The 13th annual report, examines Key Trends and Metrics about Corporate Sustainability: how, and how well, companies are making progress in assessing and minimizing their impacts and embracing a range of strategies that move them forward in significant ways. Read More
Jessye Waxman Green Century Funds - Investors have a responsibility to combat climate change - GreenMoney Journal

Investors Have a Fiduciary Responsibility to Combat the Climate Crisis

Jessye Waxman
Green Century Funds
Investors should consider long-term climate and environmental risks as fundamentally material, and act accordingly. Prioritizing ESG and using all the tools of active ownership to hold portfolio companies accountable for mitigating the environmental and social harms that have traditionally been treated as externalities. Read More

Positive Impact Bonds Build on Strong Foundations

Benjamin Bailey, CFA
Praxis Mutual Funds & Everence Financial
Over the last decade, issuance of green, social and sustainability bonds have exploded. Over $190 billion in green bonds issued globally this year and another $49 billion in sustainability bonds and social bonds. Markets will continue to grow because both issuers and investors want to make an impact on the world. Read More
Yvon Chouinard Patagonia-photo Ian Allen-FastCo

The New Capitalism with Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard

Patagonia founder talks with FC about the sustainability myth, the problem with Amazon — and why it’s not too late to save the planet. He set the standard for how a business can mitigate the ravages of capitalism on earth’s environment. Read More
Ethical Corp’s Krina Amin welcoming in the 10th Responsible Business Awards-GreenMoney

Ethical Corporation’s 2019 Responsible Business Awards

Maersk, Kimberly-Clark, BT, Hannon Armstrong, Intel and Firmenich were among winners at the international Ethical Corporation Responsible Business Awards. Over 300 leading figures in global responsible business gathered at the 10th ceremony held in London. Read More

Sustainable Investing: The Enduring Revolution

Leslie Samuelrich
Green Century Funds
The climate crisis is precipitating a sustainable investment revolution. Investors are putting their money where their mouth is: sustainable funds attracted $13.0 billion in net flows in the first three quarters of 2019. I expect the exponential growth of ESG investing to continue in 2020; and I think three factors largely will drive it. Read More
Tonic T100 SDG investing Cover-GreenMoney

Toniic: How Private Impact Investments are Funding SDGs

The report, T100 Focus: The Frontier of SDG Investing, unearths data from 76 Toniic member portfolios, totaling $2.8 billion in committed capital, to reveal where the most active impact investors see investable opportunities towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) across asset classes. Read More

Innovation in Community Impact Investing

Andy Posner
Capital Good Fund
SRI Investing has reached $12 trillion in assets. But, the vast majority – 97 percent – are investments in the traditional capital markets. Beyond adding ESG screens to portfolios, it is imperative that we find ways to support direct, community-level investments as innovative nonprofits are at the forefront of driving social change, but for them to scale they must attract significantly more capital. Read More

Plan for Tomorrow by Supporting Vulnerable Communities Today

Ebony Perkins
Self-Help Credit Union
Self-Help believes in investing in communities on the front lines of harm from climate change. Our mission: create and protect economic opportunity for all with a focus on the underserved, including people of color, women, and low-income families and communities. We loan to environmental projects like recycling, land conservation, affordable housing, and solar energy. Read More
ImpactAssets Celebrates 10th Anniversary as Assets Top $1 Billion

ImpactAssets Celebrates 10th Anniversary as Assets Top $1 Billion

ImpactAssets, a nonprofit financial services firm that increases the flow of capital into investments delivering financial, social and environmental returns, celebrated its ten-year anniversary by announcing in June that AUM in The Giving Fund, its donor advised fund, have topped $1 billion. Read More

Soil Wealth – Investing in Regenerative Agriculture

This new Report identifies 67 investment approaches to grow and develop Regenerative Agriculture capital opportunities. It showcases over $320 billion in investments that focus on sustainable food and agriculture. Read More

Domini Funds Releases its 2018 Impact Report

Domini Funds shareholders use their investment dollars to make a difference by helping build a world of universal human dignity and ecological sustainability. The Report details how Domini works for change on behalf of fund shareholders. Read More

Green Transition Scoreboard Reports over $10 Trillion in Private Green Investments

GTS, tracking private green investments since 2009, has released its 2019-20 Report. New capital continues expanding clean energy, green construction, corporate R & D and a widening of the healthier plant-protein food sector. Read More
Steven Hoffman Compass Natural

The Movement Towards Natural & Organic Food and Healthy Lifestyles

Steven Hoffman
Managing Director, Compass Natural
Consumer demand for healthier products continues to grow. With concerns ranging from the cost of healthcare to the effects of food and agriculture on climate change, consumers of all ages are opting for natural, organic and functional foods and beverages, nutritional supplements, natural medicines and other eco-friendly products from mission-based companies that share their values and address their concerns. Read More
Leah Thibault Brett Richardson_CEI

A Seed to Stalk Future: Financing America’s Grain Economy

Leah Thibault & Brett Richardson
CEI Capital Mgmt & Coastal Enterprises, Inc.
The idea of “nose-to-tail” dining, shorthand for using as much of an animal as possible, has no field-grown counterpart. What about the grains that make up so much of our agricultural production and diet? Where is our “seed to stalk?” In Maine, the craft beer industry is making sure that grain is valued from field to glass to trough. Read More
U.S. Organic Sales Break Through the $50 Billion Mark in 2018 setting a New Record

U.S. Organic Sales Break Through the $50 Billion Mark in 2018 setting a New Record

Clean, transparent, fresh, sustainable. Environmentally-friendly, animal humane, high quality are all traits identified with organic, and in 2018 they all helped push organic sales to unprecedented levels. Read More
Nick Cherney Janus Henderson

The Growing Organics Market Presents a Natural Investment Opportunity

Nick Cherney
CFA, Senior VP, Janus Henderson
As Americans become more aware of the environmental and health benefits of organics, we are presented with an increasing number of opportunities to align our investments with our lifestyle choices – by investing in the companies and agricultural operations that are driving organic innovation and bringing natural products to the marketplace. Read More
Nilang Gor and Theo Ferguson

Paths to Sustainability

Nilang Gor & Theodosia Ferguson
Cultivating Empathy for All & Healing Living Systems
Our Planet Earth is at a challenging ecological intersection. We’re looking at Peak Farmable Soil and Carbon Capture Capacity, Peak Edible Food, and Peak Water all bundled into escalating Climate Instability. Here are three strategic solutions. Read More
Campbell’s named to the 100 Best Corporate Citizens List by Corporate Responsibility Magazine

Campbell’s named to the 100 Best Corporate Citizens List by Corporate Responsibility Magazine

Ranked No. 4 among all large-cap Russell 1000 companies in the annual listing, which measures and ranks corporate responsibility, analyzing 98 environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors. Read More
A Train Ride to Perris Theo Ferguson and Seth Wilson

A Train Ride to Perris: Investing in a Sustainable Future

Theodosia Ferguson and E. Seth Wilson
Healing Living Systems
The 2028 Olympics in LA will occur as the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development approaches. What might a train ride to Perris, CA look like through a lens of sustainable urban agriculture? Will passing neighborhoods display small-lot gardens, homes with grey water and rain catchment systems? Will large open spaces be organized into working landscapes, blooming with ecosystem benefits? Read More
Annie McShiras Self-Help CU - GreenMoney

Make Every Dollar Count: Is Your Cash Sleeping with the Right Partners?

Annie McShiras
Investment Associate, Self-Help Credit Union
Impact investing has emerged as a major force in philanthropy. Last year GIIN conducted a survey showing that the estimated value of the impact investing sector doubled between 2017 and 2018, increasing from $114B to $228B. There’s a growing demand for investments that actively produce measurable positive social and environmental outcomes. Read More
Global 100: The World’s Most Sustainable Companies

Global 100: The World’s Most Sustainable Companies

Sustainable companies don't just make the world a better place, they offer higher returns and longer lifespans according to Corporate Knights. Read More
State of GreenBusiness 2019 – GreenMoney

The State of Green Business 2019 from GreenBiz

Joel Makower
Chairman and Executive Editor, GreenBiz
The 12th annual edition looks at key trends and dozens of metrics assessing how, and how much, companies are moving the needle on the world’s?most pressing environmental challenges. Read More
Native American Credit Unions: Building Financial Access and Capability

Native American Credit Unions: Building Financial Access and Capability

The structure and mission of credit unions uniquely positions them to effectively provide a range of basic financial services critical to Native communities. Read More
Impact Coffee Triskeles Foundation

Triskeles Foundation Launches Impact Coffee

Sourced in Peru and roasted locally by Stolen Sun Craft Brewing & Roasting Co., Impact Coffee supports the empowerment and promotion of women-grown coffee. Read More
The Real Leaders 100 Top Impact Companies 2019

The Real Leaders 100 Top Impact Companies 2019

Business can be a force for good, here’s 100 companies that are growing by doing good. Real Leaders, with Big Path Capital and B Lab, rank the top companies applying capitalism for greater profit and greater positive impact. Read More
Green Alpha Next Economy Index Achieves Ten-Year Milestone

Green Alpha Next Economy Index Achieves Ten-Year Milestone

The Next Economy Index’s strong track record demonstrates that climate change-focused, innovation-driven investing offers an effective way to preserve and create wealth. The strategy currently holds 115 publicly traded companies. Read More
MSCI’s Five ESG Trends to Watch in 2019

MSCI’s Five ESG Trends to Watch in 2019

MSCI explores pressing topics for investors heading into 2019. The five key ESG trends anticipated to dominate the conversation are: climate change, waste management, leadership and talent, ESG regulation, and the ESG signal revolution. Read More
The GreenMoney Interview: Muhammad Yunus

The GreenMoney Interview: Muhammad Yunus

Grameen Bank founder and Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus is interviewed by award-winning, filmmaker Holly Mosher
(Fall 2011)  When Holly Mosher read about Muhammad Yunus and the story of Grameen Bank’s microcredit for women in Bangladesh, she was fascinated. Why had an economist and a bank won the prize for peace and not the prize for economics? And how had one man gone from loaning $27 to 42 people, to helping millions of people? With these questions in mind, she embarked on a film about his work. Read More
2018 Green Transition Scoreboard Finds $9.3 Trillion in Green Sectors Worldwide

2018 Green Transition Scoreboard Finds $9.3 Trillion in Green Sectors Worldwide

Ethical Markets released in late April its 2018 Green Transition Scoreboard® finding $9.3 trillion of private investments in green sectors worldwide, cumulatively since 2007. Read More
Celebrating  its  35th  Anniversary,  Stonyfield  Organic  Takes  its  Good-For-The-Planet  Mission  to  New  Pastures

Celebrating its 35th Anniversary, Stonyfield Organic Takes its Good-For-The-Planet Mission to New Pastures

Marking its 35th anniversary, Stonyfield Organic, the country’s leading organic yogurt maker, announced in April 2018 a bold commitment that not only celebrates the brand’s organic leadership role in the food space, but also casts an eye to a different and equally as large issue facing families. While huge strides have been made in the organic food space over the past 35 years, less is happening around environmental and health issues specific to the use of pesticides beyond food. Read More
Understanding Food and Climate Change: A Systems Perspective from the Center for Ecoliteracy

Understanding Food and Climate Change: A Systems Perspective from the Center for Ecoliteracy

Understanding Food and Climate Change: A Systems Perspective explores the links between food systems and our changing climate with an emphasis on systems thinking. A systems approach helps to illuminate how seemingly disconnected phenomena are often dynamically linked and can be understood best when viewed in a larger context. Read More
50 Farms and No Regrets

50 Farms and No Regrets

Teresa Opheim
Senior VP, Iroquois Valley Farms
Iroquois Valley Farms has reached a milestone: This spring we added the 50th farm to our portfolio. Our farmland REIT provides secure land tenure for 35 farm families working 9,000 acres of farmland. More families will be joining us soon. We have seen strong and steady growth in the value of our investment portfolio since 2007. We recently launched a new offering to raise $20 million to help fund more farmers. We also offer Soil Restoration Notes to investors, with a portion of the returns going to help our farmers transitioning to organic. Read More
Developing the New Mexico Landrace (Heirloom) Corn Project

Developing the New Mexico Landrace (Heirloom) Corn Project

Tim Vos
Field Coordinator & Agroecologist, NMLCP
On February 2016 The New York Times ran a story, "Oaxaca’s Native Maize Embraced by Top Chefs in US and Europe", highlighting the work of a new company called Masienda that was sourcing landrace (heirloom) corn from small farms in Mexico. Masienda’s business model emphasizes conservation of agrobiodiversity, while supporting smallholders using sustainable/organic farming methods. When some of us here in Santa Fe saw this article we asked the question, "Why can’t this be happening in New Mexico as well?" And so the New Mexico Landrace Corn Project was born. Read More
Engage the Chain:  An Investor Guide to Engaging the Food Sector on Sustainability Risks

Engage the Chain: An Investor Guide to Engaging the Food Sector on Sustainability Risks

Brooke Barton
Senior Director, Ceres
The challenge is clear for global food and beverage companies: as the population rises, the agriculture sector they rely on will need to produce more food with fewer greenhouse gas emissions while shifting toward farm practices that conserve or restore diminishing water and soil resources. Sustainable sourcing strategies and supply chain transparency are essential for the food and beverage industry to ensure that their suppliers are making these critical changes. As significant owners of and lenders to companies, investors can be a major force in driving more sustainable practices. Read More
Maturing U.S. Organic Sector Sees Steady Sales Growth of 6.4 Percent in 2017 to Nearly $50 Billion

Maturing U.S. Organic Sector Sees Steady Sales Growth of 6.4 Percent in 2017 to Nearly $50 Billion

American consumers in 2017 filled more of their grocery carts with organic, buying everything from organic produce and organic ice cream to organic fresh juices and organic dried beans, according to the Organic Trade Association's 2018 Organic Industry Survey released in mid-May. Read More
The Best is Yet to Come

The Best is Yet to Come

Harn Soper
CEO, Sustainable Farm Partners (SFP)
Farming, like investments, carries some degree of risk. How SFP mitigates these risks is unique and key to the opportunity. Market demand for organic food is the fastest growing segment in grocery stores. Geographically, our established operating network of farms is spread out to minimize the impact of local weather. Our distributed farm network is focused on areas with the best available soil and linking that network allows us to negotiate better offtake agreements and discounts on inputs. In the event of any crop damage due to weather, which diminishes yields, we have crop insurance. Read More
Frey Vineyards - Out of the Ashes

Frey Vineyards – Out of the Ashes

Katrina Frey
CEO, Frey Vineyards, Ltd.
This story begins with a strange orange glow in the sky that awakened me at 1:00am on the morning of October 9th, 2017. Stepping outside into a howling wind, I watched in horror as a huge wildfire burned on the distant ridge. The wind was blowing away from us and towards are neighbors, then it all changed. Read More
ImpactAssets Releases IA 50 Impact Investment Fund Showcase

ImpactAssets Releases IA 50 Impact Investment Fund Showcase

Industry’s only free, searchable resource of impact investing fund managers features firms that manage $29.2 billion in assets Read More
Top 10 Stakeholder - Feature

Top 10 Stakeholder Engagement Trends of 2018 – New Report from Future 500

Global businesses can and must take the lead on environmental and social issues, because the future of sustainability is now in the hands of worldwide brands, their consumers, and the NGOs holding them accountable. Read More
MSCI 2018 ESG -

MSCI’s 2018 ESG Trends to Watch

Linda-Eling Lee and Matt Moscardi
Bigger, faster, more. Whether due to policy, technological or climatic changes, companies face an onslaught of challenges that are happening sooner and more dramatically than many could have anticipated. Investors in turn are Read More
The Business of Planting Trees -

The Business of Planting Trees: A Growing Investment Opportunity

New research finds businesses are making money from planting trees and growing sales as rapidly as 10 times per year The Business of Planting Trees - Many investors don t know what restoration is or realize the Read More
Global Transition to Halophyte Agriculture may be Inevitable

Global Transition to Halophyte Agriculture may be Inevitable

Hazel Henderson
Author and Founder of Ethical Markets Media, Certified B-Corp.
In 2014, I predicted that "Desert Greening is the Next Big Thing", and it would be led by sustainable green investors. Surprisingly I am still waiting for the shift from humanity’s single minded focus on traditional agricultural crops (glycophytes) that rely on the planet’s three percent of fresh water. Why such a slow transition to more sustainable, nutrient-richer, salt loving (halophyte) plant foods, such as quinoa? Because vested interests in the vast incumbent global agro-chemical industrial complex are as powerful and persistent as those in the worldwide fossilized sectors. Read More
Top 10 Sustainability Trends for 2018 from The Centre for Sustainability and Excellence

Top 10 Sustainability Trends for 2018 from The Centre for Sustainability and Excellence

Nikos Avlonas
President, The Centre for Sustainability and Excellence
Over the past decade, the term sustainability has caught on in the boardroom, courtroom and living room. While the concept has reached the mainstream, opportunities abound for implementation.

Ten trends to watch for Read More

The 2018 Forbes 30 Under 30 List includes Twenty Industries

The 2018 Forbes 30 Under 30 List includes Twenty Industries

What never grows old? The burning desire of youth to reinvent the world. That ambition and impatience is on full display in Forbes 2018 edition of the Forbes 30 Under 30, our annual Read More
Domini Impact Investments Signs the Stockholm Declaration on the UN SDGs

Domini Impact Investments Signs the Stockholm Declaration on the UN SDGs

Domini is proud to announce that we have recently signed the Stockholm Declaration, re-affirming our support for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). The Stockholm Declaration was organized by the GRI Read More
Building an Economy That Works for Everyone

Building an Economy That Works for Everyone

Betsy Biemann, CEO and Keith Bisson
President, Coastal Enterprises, Inc.
Last year, as CEI conducted a strategic review as part of our leadership transition, we found ourselves asking the same questions that were being asked across the country, on both sides of the political aisle. At the heart of those questions was the recognition that our economy is not working for everyone. And a major takeaway was that rural regions, gateway cities, and the people who live there were being left behind. Maine-based CEI is taking strides to change that, from investing in small businesses, job training programs, and pragmatic policy solutions. Read More
Local Investing for Impact: A New Tool for Place-Focused Foundations

Local Investing for Impact: A New Tool for Place-Focused Foundations

Deb Markley
Senior Vice President, LOCUS Impact Investing
After decades of working at the intersection of community development, philanthropy and community economic development, we see a significant shift in how philanthropic assets are being used to build vibrant, prosperous communities. Many place-focused foundations are seeking to complement their grantmaking with local investments to create greater impact in their own communities. There’s a growing recognition that traditional grantmaking is not enough to address complex, tough community issues like early childhood education, affordable and energy efficient housing, good jobs and career opportunities for all. Read More
Green Century, the First Fossil Fuel-Free Mutual Fund Family Reaches $500 Million

Green Century, the First Fossil Fuel-Free Mutual Fund Family Reaches $500 Million

Green Century Capital Management announced recently that its assets under management (AUM) reached a new landmark, exceeding $500 million as of October 20, 2017. Green Century is the investment advisor to the first Read More
ImpactAssets Adds New Private Debt and Equity Impact Investment Options

ImpactAssets Adds New Private Debt and Equity Impact Investment Options

ImpactAssets announced in September 2017 the addition of new lower minimum, high-impact investment options within the ImpactAssets Giving Fund (, its donor advised fund. The four private debt and equity investments are managed Read More
Giving Capitalism a Social Conscience: An Interview with Muhammad Yunus

Giving Capitalism a Social Conscience: An Interview with Muhammad Yunus

David Bornstein
New York Times
For more than 40 years, Muhammad Yunus, the Bangladeshi founder of the Grameen Bank and recipient of the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize[1], has been asserting that the most powerful way to eradicate poverty Read More
Urgent Needs for 2018

Urgent Needs for 2018

John Streur
President and CEO, Calvert Research & Management
Aligning the capital markets more directly with the urgent needs we face as a society to halt environmental destruction and reverse decades of worsening inequality must be our priority for 2018. Alignment needs to occur at every level, across the global markets. Despite the tremendous efforts behind the Paris Climate Accord, formalization of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and a long history of other efforts to change the course of climate change and inequality, we are not making nearly the progress needed. The 1,700 signatories to the UN Principles for Responsible Investment, which represent $70 trillion of assets and a wave of press about ESG investing, have not gotten us on track yet. Read More
LIFT Economy named to the "Best for the World" 2017 List

LIFT Economy named to the “Best for the World” 2017 List

LIFT Economy was recently recognized for creating extraordinary positive impact as a business based on an independent, comprehensive assessment administered by the nonprofit B Lab. Honorees are featured on B the Change, Read More
Six New Issuers Join ImpactUs Marketplace

Six New Issuers Join ImpactUs Marketplace

Financial technology provider ImpactUs announced in Sept and October the onboarding of six additional issuers to its impact investing platform, ImpactUs Marketplace. The Marketplace is a community-driven fintech platform offering institutions, individuals and Read More
It's Monday Morning

It’s Monday Morning

Timothy Karsten
Life and Business Strategist
It’s Monday morning, the beginning of a new week. The day starts with greeting the sunrise from our garden that faces to the East. A few minutes of taking in the energy that provides us so many benefits every day, and then some meditation, establishes the foundation for all else. After a stroll in the garden it is time to enter into the technological universe with a quick review of and What is happening on the global stage and in the financial markets? How are the markets doing and how might global factors and the events of the day impact the people that I work with? Read More
Farmer by Farmer, Investor by Investor, Regenerating America’s Farmland

Farmer by Farmer, Investor by Investor, Regenerating America’s Farmland

Teresa Opheim
Board Manager, Iroquois Valley Farms
In northern Montana, Doug and Anna Jones-Crabtree restore soil health while growing organic heirloom and specialty grains, pulse and oilseed crops on 4,700 acres. A thousand miles away in Central Minnesota, the Main Street Project sequesters carbon as it transforms 100 acres of bare ground to a permaculture farm alive with hazelnut trees and foraging chickens. Read More
LOCUS Impact Investing is Empowering Foundations To Build  Prosperous, Vibrant Communities

LOCUS Impact Investing is Empowering Foundations To Build Prosperous, Vibrant Communities

Leading community development financial institution (CDFI) Virginia Community Capital (VCC) and the nationally recognized Center for Rural Entrepreneurship (CRE) announced in June the launch of LOCUS Impact Investing (LOCUS), a new social enterprise to empower place-focused foundations to invest their capital locally to build prosperous, vibrant communities. Read More
The Next Quarter Century’s Organic Marketplace

The Next Quarter Century’s Organic Marketplace

Gary Hirshberg
Chairman and Cofounder, Stonyfield Farm & Chairman, Just Label It
As an entrepreneur, I lean optimistic, and so here are a few predictions for where the organic marketplace is heading. Several megatrends will combine to keep the sales of organic foods growing at a robust rate, they include: Increased awareness about the negative health impacts and costs of widespread agrichemical exposures; Organic Certification will remain the only reliable standard for consumers seeking real, clean foods; the positive role that organics can play in mitigating the effects of climate change including better data on the benefits of organic production; and Lower cost organic offerings. Read More
Benefit Chicago Fund Announces First Round of Impact Investments

Benefit Chicago Fund Announces First Round of Impact Investments

The for-profit subsidiary of a West Side nonprofit that provides transitional jobs for the formerly incarcerated in its production of local honey and honey-infused skincare products; a company that employs adults with autism founded by the father of an affected child; a collaborative created to renew a corridor that was once the heart of entertainment and shopping on Chicago’s south and southwest side – these are three of the beneficiaries of the first loans to be made by the impact investment fund established for Benefit Chicago. Read More
A Guide to Sustainable Farmland Investing -  Healing People and the Planet

A Guide to Sustainable Farmland Investing – Healing People and the Planet

David Miller
co-founder and CEO, Iroquois Valley Farms
We at Iroquois Valley Farms are pleased to announce a new corporate entity as we begin our 11th season of operations. In 2007 when we started the company, our idea was simple - growing healthy foods on organic soils would be good business. Read More
Initiate a Local Foodshed Resilience Program

Initiate a Local Foodshed Resilience Program

Theo Ferguson
founder, Healing Living Systems & Stuart Valentine, founder, Centerpoint Investment Strategies
Imagine you are seated on a patio in the Tuscan countryside. The fresh mozzarella coupled with sweet tomatoes, ripe from the warm sun, pairs beautifully with the garlic sourdough bread and crisp local wine. The setting opens the heart and soothes the soul. The vineyard you overlook is in its crucial stage of ripening, that last conversion of acid to sugar, and the company of friends and family couldn’t be better. Read More
The War Between Farm and Forest

The War Between Farm and Forest

Sofia Faruqi
manager, New Restoration Economy, World Resources Institute
Hundreds of people have died in northern Kenya in recent months due to conflict between armed cattle herders and the wildlife conservation community. During my visits to this part of Kenya over the last two years, I was surprised to find livestock in a region renowned for wildlife. Read More
Woody Tasch - Founder, Slow Money - GreenMoney Journal

SOIL–Slow Opportunities for Investing Locally

Woody Tasch
Founder, Slow Money
I often refer to Slow Money as "the CSA of investing." As with community-supported agriculture, our efforts revolve around informal, direct relationships and shared risk. Slow Money funding is flowing in a variety of ways in dozens of communities across the US — peer-to-peer lending, investment clubs, and angel networks. Read More
Trillium Launches New White Paper on Investing in Sustainable Food and Agriculture across Asset Classes

Trillium Launches New White Paper on Investing in Sustainable Food and Agriculture across Asset Classes

A group of investors has released a new white paper, Impact Investing in Sustainable Food and Agriculture across Asset Classes: Financing Resilient Value Chains through Total Portfolio Activation. Read More
"DrawDown" -

‘Drawdown’ and Global Warming’s Hopeful New Math

Joel Makower
chairman & executive editor, GreenBiz Group
April 18, 2017 marked the publication of an ambitious new book with the audacious goal of showing how to reverse the warming of the planet through a myriad of innovations, many of them led by business for profit. Read More
Green Transitions Scoreboard -

2017 Green Transition Scoreboard® Tracks Private Green Investments At $8.1 Trillion

In late April 2017, the latest Green Transition Scoreboard® (GTS) found that, despite Trump’s anti-green policies, private green investments now total more than $8.1 trillion USD ($8,133,456,730,370). Read More
Soil to Sustainability -

From Soil to Sustainability

Frederick Kirschenmann
Slow Money Journal (Winter 2016/17 issue)
As most everyone interested in sustainability knows by now, the concept has been appropriated by numerous entities and used in various ways, often to achieve different objectives. In his introductory chapter to the excellent 2013 edition of the Worldwatch Institute’s State of the World report, Robert Engelman coined the term "sustainababble" to reflect this "cacophonous profusion of uses of the word sustainable to mean anything from environmentally better to cool". Read More
Whole Foods Diet -

Whole Foods Market CEO John Mackey Releases New Book “The Whole Foods Diet: The Lifesaving Plan for Health and Longevity”

Whole Foods Market CEO John Mackey announced the release of his new book last month, The Whole Foods Diet: The Lifesaving Plan for Health and Longevity. Mackey co-authored the book with Dr. Alona Pulde and Dr. Matthew Lederman, known for the documentary, Forks Over Knives. Read More
Impact Investing Issuer Spotlight: Envest Microfinance

Impact Investing Issuer Spotlight: Envest Microfinance

Interview with Jon Bishop and Laura Dreese For the past decade, for-profit microfinance company Envest Microfinance has been striving to bridge the gap between microfinance and financial markets to make access to financial services universally available. It has tapped into support from individual and institutional investors to provide sustainable financing to the world’s economically marginalized and geographically isolated populations. Read More
10 for 2017: Investment Themes in a Changing World from Sustainalytics

10 for 2017: Investment Themes in a Changing World from Sustainalytics

Sustainalytics, a leading global provider of ESG and corporate governance research, ratings and analytics, recently released a new thematic research report titled, 10 for 2017: Investment Themes in a Changing World. The report looks at the key drivers of 10 ESG investment themes that are expected to create new risks and opportunities for investors in 2017. In addition, the report profiles 10 companies, spanning seven countries and eight industries, that are poised to take advantage of these trends. Read More
Whole Foods Market’s Top 10 Trends for 2017

Whole Foods Market’s Top 10 Trends for 2017

New condiments, functional beverages and natural foods

Recently, Whole Foods Market’s (NASDAQ: WFM) global buyers and experts announced the trends to watch in 2017. Wellness tonics, products from byproducts and purple foods are just a few top predictions according to the trend-spotters, who share more than 100 years of combined experience in sourcing products and tracking consumer preferences. Read More
Patagonia’s Record-breaking Black Friday Sales of $10 million all to Benefit the Planet

Patagonia’s Record-breaking Black Friday Sales of $10 million all to Benefit the Planet

Back in November, when we announced we’d give 100 percent of our global retail and online Black Friday sales directly to grassroots nonprofits working on the frontlines to protect our air, water and soil for future generations, we heard from many of our customers calling it a “fundraiser for the earth.” Read More
Megan Epler Wood - Cambodia

The Future of Ecotourism

Megan Epler Wood
Epler Wood International
Twenty-five years ago travelers were just beginning to think about the environmental impacts of their travel. Ecotourism became a catch-all term in the 1990s for making travel environmentally and socially beneficial — that both conserved the environment and sustains the well-being of local people. Read More
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