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Sustainable Ocean Investing Gets Real - Opportunities Across All Asset Classes by Ted Janulis of Investable Oceans - photo by Morgan Bennett-Smith

Sustainable Ocean Investing Gets Real: Opportunities Across All Asset Classes

Ted Janulis
Investable Oceans
ESG and sustainable investing have taken center stage in asset management. Climate and now Oceans are leaders in this elevation with a proliferation of products, firms, and frameworks increasingly on investors’ radar screens. The oceans are becoming broadly investable, with market-based opportunities across all sectors of the Blue Economy.
Sallie Krawcheck-Ellevest-Why Investing in Women is Crucial Right Now-GreenMoney

Why Investing in Women is Crucial Right Now

Sallie Krawcheck
I am hearing loud and clear from our Ellevest community on their desire to help each other during this crisis. Some of us will donate our time, others our money. I think there’s another thing to consider doing: continue to shift capital to investments that are better for women. Because as we come out of this crisis, the same global issues that existed before will exist afterward.
Tech-Savy Millennial Investors Positioned to Thrive in Roaring 2020s-by David Weinstein-DANA Investments

Tech Savvy Millennial Investors Positioned to Thrive in the “Roaring 2020s”

David Weinstein
Dana Investment Advisors
What a time to be a millennial investor. A chaotic 2020 offered both investment pitfalls and opportunities. 2021 should trend toward a more “normal” environment, but disruptive companies, elevated volatility and information everywhere will continue to define the investment landscape. These 3 themes have millennials positioned to thrive. So my advice is to trust your gut, stay flexible and maintain a sense of optimism about the future.
Investing in Local Sustainable Ag and Food by Dorothy Suput-the Carrot Project

The Carrot Project: Investing in Local Sustainable Ag and Food

Dorothy Suput
The Carrot Project
During the pandemic, farmers and food producers selling locally showed their strength, as the global food system showed weakness. Local farms provided good food, while stewarding the land and strengthening communities. Our local food ecosystem’s resilience is a result of the incredible work ethic of farmers, buoyed by varied collaborations and the growing role of investors.

Additional Articles

Responsible Investing in China

China’s influence on the global economy, financial markets and geopolitical system is significant. The decision whether to invest in China is a complicated one. The power and reach of China’s state-led model, its weak human rights record and lack of transparency, can dissuade investors. Calvert chooses to invest in China and engage as a shareowner, rather than divest.

Responsible Investment and the Faith-Based Investor

Religious investors have been a vital force in the development of modern responsible investment. Pax World, the first SRI mutual fund in the U.S., was launched in 1971 by two Methodist ministers. In that same year the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility was founded, and over the next half-century ICCR members have been engaging with corporations on issues ranging from the South Africa boycott to climate change.

Socially Responsible Investing: A Global Perspective

We are not just advocating for our SRI field because we think it might help you make better investment decisions, though it might. We are advocating for this investment approach because we believe that only an engaged investor class can prevent a complete collapse of the fragile ecology of our planet, and provide universal dignity to all people around the world.

Born Ready: Millennials and the Financial Impact of the Energy Transition

Millennials were born into a rapidly changing financial landscape which should inform us of the diligence required for the next economic revolution. Thousands of individuals, corporations, and institutions are moving investment assets away from fossil fuels and towards renewable energy. Millennial investors should do the same.

Mid-Course Correction Revisited

Recently the Ray C. Anderson Foundation updated and republished Ray’s first book because bringing his story to the present day could inspire a new generation of business leaders. Also the book looks at how far Interface has come since 1998 and why the company became more successful with its commitment to sustainability.

Sustainable Investing & Stakeholder Capitalism

Companies face expectations to be good stewards of the environment, to treat their workers well and pay them fairly, to encourage diversity, respect human rights, deliver safe and useful products, and behave in an ethical and transparent manner. This requires making decisions through a sustainability lens, which considers all relevant stakeholders.

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