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The Case for Investing in Sustainable Buildings

Sam Adams
CEO & Co-Founder, Vert Asset Mgmt.
Buildings are a big part of the sustainability challenge, and thus a huge opportunity. The construction and operations of buildings account for 40% of global energy use, 30% of energy-related GHG emissions, approximately 12% of water use, nearly 40% of waste, and employs 10% of the workforce.
The Productivity Equation

The Productivity Equation

Cynthia Curtis
Senior Vice President, JLL
Sustainability investments in physical assets are increasingly being influenced by more than finance, facilities and RE managers. The recognition that a sustainably-designed and healthy workplace directly impacts attitude, satisfaction level and productivity, has led to human capital management and sustainability functions becoming integral and influential in the decision-making process.

Millions of Idle Power Plants

Ryan Dings
Chief Operating Officer, Sunwealth
Combating climate change requires our economy to make a comprehensive transition to clean energy, where rooftop solar is part of the solution. The buildings all around us consume so much power and generate so much carbon. But the rooftops of those buildings have high technical potential to generate solar power right at the point where it is consumed.

The Sustainability Edge in Real Estate Investing

Kimberly Ryan
Portfolio Mgr., Wells Fargo Private Bank
Improvements in building efficiency provide cost savings to landlords and tenants. Impactful initiatives include installation of more efficient LED lighting; upgrades to HVAC; smart metering; reductions in water consumption; and waste management. Also sustainably-managed structures typically command higher rents, and experience lower vacancy and higher tenant satisfaction.

America’s Housing Crisis is a Chance to Change the Narrative and Fix the Future

Zane Fischer, CEO
Extraordinary Structures
Our shared mythologies tell us home is sweet and home is where the heart is. But access to good housing is increasingly difficult for many. The US housing crisis is tied to our economy and our environment. Solutions lay in both our perception of equity around shelter and in where and how we choose to build.

Additional Articles

Mid-Course Correction Revisited

John Lanier
author and grandson of Ray Anderson
Recently the Ray C. Anderson Foundation updated and republished Ray’s first book because bringing his story to the present day could inspire a new generation of business leaders. Also the book looks at how far Interface has come since 1998 and why the company became more successful with its commitment to sustainability.

Domini Funds Releases its 2018 Impact Report

Domini Funds shareholders use their investment dollars to make a difference by helping build a world of universal human dignity and ecological sustainability. The Report details how Domini works for change on behalf of fund shareholders.

Green Transition Scoreboard Reports over $10 Trillion in Private Green Investments

GTS, tracking private green investments since 2009, has released its 2019-20 Report. New capital continues expanding clean energy, green construction, corporate R & D and a widening of the healthier plant-protein food sector.

America’s Leading Financial Institutions Report High Confidence in Renewable Sector Growth

One year into its campaign to reach $1 trillion in U.S. private sector investment in renewable energy and enabling grid technologies by 2030, the American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE) releases their progress report.

Conservation Finance Takes Off as the Netherlands Issues One of the Largest Green Bonds Ever

The Dutch Government recently issued one of the largest green bonds ever: 6 billion euros. This bond for low-carbon development and sustainable water management will finance natural infrastructure solutions.

VERGE Conference: The Platform for Accelerating the Clean Economy

Fast-changing technologies and global risks are forcing companies and cities to become more adaptive, and business models to evolve and diversify. This challenging time has many opportunities to create a clean economy that increases economic and community resilience.

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