Welcome to our 8th annual All-Videos Issue. The GreenMoney team has curated a collection of thought-provoking films and discussions featuring a variety of innovators from the interconnected worlds of Impact Investing, Corporate Responsibility and Environmental Sustainability.

Our Videos issue happens to be one of my favorites that we publish each year. I hope it engages you in many ways, as it does us. In these times it’s vital to have your eyes and ears open to perceive the current realities of our world. Your feedback is always welcome.

If you were away from your desk during June and missed our issue on Sustainable Agriculture and Food, you can still find the well-received articles on the website.

Finally, it is always nice to be acknowledged for a job well done. The team here at GreenMoney has received a new award from the folks at Acquisition International. We were selected as a winner of their 2023 Business Excellence Award for “actively building a business that has a positive impact on the world.” We are pleased to accept the award.

In closing, remember to join us next month as we take our latest look at “Investing in Renewable Energy.” In the meantime, enjoy your summer break, as the busy fall season will be here soon.

Cliff Feigenbaum, founder/publisher


Setting the Stage: The Future of Sustainable Business

GreenBiz 23Chairman and Co-Founder Joel Makower opens this year’s conference with a spoof newscast from year 2038, on what the future holds for sustainable business.

Stewart Udall and the Politics of Beauty

A feature biography of the most effective environmental public official in US history – Stewart Udall was Secretary of the Interior from 1961-69. He created more national park units than any Interior Secretary in history and led the fight for the most important environmental legislation we now take for granted. He was also a champion of social and racial justice and worked in a bi-partisan fashion.

Charlene Stoller: Seed to Table

Soul of Farming Series: Organic Valley Farmers – Seed to Table farmer and mother Charlene Stoller knows that good food can nourish both body and soul. “Food should have a purpose, should nourish us, not just taste good.” The Stoller’s have been farming with nature, God and family for 5 generations on land in Ohio. Scott & Charlene discovered that there is a safer and more satisfying way of farming and raising their 8 children, the organic way.

For the Bees

2023 DCEFF Winner, Eric Moe Award – Khaled Almaghafi is like the bees he keeps – hardworking, generous, and respectful. After growing up in a family of beekeepers in Yemen, Khaled moved to California, which he’d heard was paradise for bees. He initially struggled to find a job, but eventually connected with a local in the beekeeping industry. He then went on to start two businesses of his own: Khaled’s Alive Bee Removal Service and Bee Healthy Honey Shop. Director: Chloë Fitzmaurice

More Efficient Wind Turbines Inspired by Owls and Maple Seeds

Biomimicry Institute – Wind turbines have been a vital source of green energy for many years, providing power to millions of homes and businesses across the globe. However, even modern wind turbines can be made more efficient and environmentally friendly. Biome Renewables is one such company that is looking to nature for inspiration on how to achieve this goal. We’ll explore how Biome Renewables has developed its “FeatherEdge” technology, inspired by the silent flight of owls, to reduce noise levels by up to 80 percent. The specialized fringe along the trailing edge of the turbine blades forces air to mix at specific locations, muffling the sound of air flowing around them. This allows for more efficient wind turbines, as they can spin slightly faster in wind of the same speed, generating more power.