GreenMoney Journal - March 1st Edition - Biweekly - Issue 2020

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Partnering with Indigenous Peoples-Carla Fredericks First Peoples Worldwide-GMJ

Partnering with Indigenous Peoples to Ensure a Just Transition

Carla Fredericks
First Peoples Worldwide at CU
March 1st Edition Overview As I read through the articles for this March 1st edition by so many esteemed contributors, I am struck by the progress that we have made together in this field. Our work has led us all to consider individually and collectively the frameworks and practices necessary to implement a just transition with and for Indigenous Peoples.
Forefront of Econ Development in Indian Country by Chris James-AIED

At the Forefront of Economic Development in Indian Country

Chris James
American Indian Enterprise Development
For over 50 years, the National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development (NCAIED) has played a leading role in business and economic development for tribes, tribal owned businesses, Native American and Alaska Native entrepreneurs, and anyone seeking to do business or invest in Indian Country.

Additional Articles

How Native Entrepreneurs are Tapping into the Grand Canyon Tourism Economy

A rediscovery of the Grand Canyon that includes our stories, accurate historical accounts, and true representation of Native people will provide visitors, as well as local communities, the opportunity to interact with our people in a positive way and create an equally beneficial economic paradigm.

GreenMoney Interviews: Jan Bryan talks with Jason Campbell

With the opportunity to interview a leader in the Native American community, the first name that came to mind was Jason Campbell, because he understands through his strong Native entrepreneurial spirit how Sustainable, Responsible, Impact (SRI) Investing can and does positively impact Indigenous Peoples.

Oneida Nation: Rebuilding and Refining our SRI Practices

The Oneida Nation, located in northeast WI, was one of the first Native Nations to formally adopt Sustainable, Responsible and Impact Investing policies for our trust assets. This resulted in nearly 30 years of engaging with companies as shareholders to bring forth issues impacting Native Country and the environment.

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