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My Relationship to Money by Frank Coleman

My Relationship to Money

Frank Coleman
BeingFrank Consulting
After retiring from a 33-year career in the investment business, I have a pension, a home and savings. And yet, when I was asked to write about my relationship with money, I had to pause and think hard about that relationship. It may appear that I received a great grounding in financial matters and that the journey was easy, but it was chaotic and I spent a good deal of time looking in the rearview mirror.
Making Money Count by Rachel McDonough-Make Your Money Count

­­Making Money Count

Rachel McDonough
Make Your Money Count
All of the chapters in my money story could be summed up with three words: make it count... For me, true financial success comes when we thoughtfully combine money with meaning and (for those who are so inclined) faith. Wealth is best managed according to a purpose higher than self, a principle I saw lived out in my family. The essence of my money story focuses on faith more than finances.
Facing Our Relationship with Money Can Change Us by Maggie Kulyk-Chicory Wealth

Facing Our Relationship with Money Can Change Us

Maggie Kulyk
Chicory Wealth
I have been working with people and their finances for almost twenty years now, and one thing I know for certain: Each person’s relationship with money is unique and powerful, whether they choose to recognize it or not. I have also noticed that those who are willing to accept and work with the realities of their relationship with money generally lead happier and more balanced lives. My experience is no exception.
How Has Money Influenced My Life by Robert Rubinstein-TBLI Group

How Has Money Influenced My Life

Robert Rubinstein
TBLI Group
As I approach 70, next year, perhaps being more focused on money, might have made things easier over the years, but I have no regrets. I love what I do and love helping others and mobilizing capital to create an economy based upon well-being. If you are doing something that gives you energy, you are in the right place. If you are doing work that costs you energy, you are in the wrong place. I am where I belong.

Additional Articles

The Money Shows Up and Sustainable Investment Gets Rolling

The flood of money into Sustainable Investing has been accelerated by BlackRock CEO Larry Fink, whose 2021 annual letter to the business community bluntly states that the climate transition “presents an historic investment opportunity.” His call to action — echoed the 2015 announcement by Mark Carney, then-governor of the Bank of England: “Climate change is the investment opportunity of our generation.

Praxis Mutual Funds Releases their Real Impact 2020 Report

The new report communicates the many ways Praxis’ unique Stewardship Investing philosophy delivers real-world change through a range of impact strategies. This is the first report of its kind for Praxis Mutual Funds and describes the firm’s longstanding commitment to impact investing and how they are responding to unprecedented social and environmental challenges.

Top Sustainable Business Trends 2021 from GreenBiz

The annual State of Green Business report is presented in two parts. First are the 10 Trends to watch in the world of sustainable business and second the State of Green Business Index, which looks at wide range of metrics for thousands of companies and provides insights into the direction business is headed.

Carbon Clean 200: Investing in a Clean Energy Future 2021

Corporate Knights and As You Sow released their annual update to the Clean 200 list of companies that are leading the way with solutions for the transition to a clean energy future. The companies are putting sustainability at the heart of their products, services, business models, and investments.

Bridging the Divide Between Impact Investing and Native America

Indigenous intermediaries are crucial to overcoming asymmetries between impact investors and Native America through the building of relationships of trust, creation of an ecosystem for impact investing in Indigenous communities, and performance of the due diligence investors need to manage risk.

Transformative Investment in Climate-Smart Agriculture

By 2025, widespread adoption of climate-smart ag practices could reduce ag's contribution to total U.S. GHG emissions by more than half. These practices – including rotating crops, planting cover crops, reducing tillage and integrating crop and livestock systems – improve soil health, sequester carbon and produce co-benefits such as reduced erosion, increased water infiltration, and economic and environmental resiliency.

Investors Commend Market Leaders on Chemical Footprinting and Safety

The new Report authored by Clean Production Action, benchmarks companies on their progress toward best practice in chemicals management and discusses corporate leadership strategies on this increasingly important investment issue. A variety of investors commend market leaders for normalizing chemical footprinting and setting new trends for chemical safety.

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