GreenMoney Journal - March 2nd Edition - Biweekly - Issue 2020

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Standing Rock-Driving Capital from Foundation of Indigenous Values-Allie Fredericks

Driving Capital from a Foundation of Indigenous Values

The Staff
First Peoples Worldwide
One of the challenges, especially in relation to investing in Indigenous communities, is measuring the “S” in ESG for the dual purposes of understanding the full extent of social impacts as to development, but also to advocate for a process that elevates Indigenous perspective and values, as to social and cultural impacts.
Becky Albert-Breed_Solving the SRI Puzzle-GreenMoney

Solving the SRI Puzzle

Becky Albert-Breed
First Nations Community Financial
My journey understanding SRI and how to implement it within Indian Country has been a captivating and everchanging learning experience. This journey led me to meet many inspiring people that have dedicated their lives to the SRI beliefs. Their commitment and enthusiasm have kept me moving forward to help solve this puzzle for my tribe.

Additional Articles

Investing with Tribal Partners to Create a Climate Safe World

Last Year, the Sierra Club Foundation embarked on an intentional effort to partner with tribes not only to defend the environment from the extractive industry but also to invest early capital into clean energy projects that advance social justice outcomes. We established a new High Impact Investment Fund within our broader investment portfolio.

Recalibrating Risk Assessment for Indigenous Women

Risk assessment is a ubiquitous tool used to understand the impacts of investment. What past assessment tools have lacked, however, is a complete understanding of Indigenous women’s experiences of life in their communities. We are recalibrating the lens to more aptly account for Indigenous women’s economic and social wellbeing.

Reconciliation and the Role of the Indigenous Economy

The Reconciliation and Responsible Investment Initiative is part of an emerging movement to align investment with reconciliation and Indigenous rights and values. Long-term investment returns for Indigenous and non-Indigenous investors depend on resilient communities and sustainable economies.

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