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GreenMoney dedicates our 2019 Videos Issue cover animation to Ray Anderson and the innovation his legacy continues to inspire. The 18-mile Ray Anderson Memorial Highway demonstrates research under way to achieve a 2040 goal of building highways that have zero waste, zero carbon and zero deaths.

As GreenMoney begins its 27th year of publishing relevant news on sustainable business and impact investing, we bring you our 4th Annual All-Videos Issue. We’ve selected films from innovative leaders in the interconnected worlds of Impact Investing, Corporate Responsibility and Environmental Sustainability. I hope you find them as engaging as we do.

Also this month marks the 20th Anniversary for the book I co-wrote in 1999 with Jack and Hal Brill entitled Investing With Your Values. It was the first book published by Bloomberg Press on SRI and it was quite an honor to go to Bloomberg HQ in NYC to launch the book.

– Cliff Feigenbaum, founder/publisher EMAIL CLIFF 


Featured Videos

Creative Conservationist Asher Jay | BSR18

The Creative Conservationist:
Asher Jay

BSR 2018 – The international adventurer whose compelling paintings, installations, ads, and films all have a single purpose: to incite global action on behalf of wildlife conservation; inspiring people to understand they have real power in determining nature’s fate — and our wild future.

Connecting the Road of the Future:
The Ray

Georgia is a top state for business with its unparalleled accessibility and infrastructure. Through a partnership with the Ray C. Anderson Foundation, Georgia will leverage that recognition as it creates the Road of the Future – The Ray.
Connecting the Road of the Future: The Ray
Climate Change: An Emerging ESG Risk in Municipal Bond Investing

Climate Change: Emerging ESG Risk in Municipal Bond Investing

Gurtin Municipal Bond Mgmt – Seema Murali, Vice President of credit research discusses the growing significance of material credit risks related to climate change, including how sea level rise risk and wildfire risk are already impacting communities today.

Re-Thinking Progress:
The Circular Economy

Ellen MacArthur Foundation – There’s a world of opportunity to re-think and re-design the way we make stuff. By changing our perspective we can re-design the way our economy works from designing products to powering systems with renewable energy.
Explaining the Circular Economy and How Society Can Re-think Progress | Animated Video Essay
Fisk Johnson and David Katz: The rising tide of corporate action against ocean plastic

The Rising Tide of Corporate Action Against Ocean Plastic

GreenBiz19 – With trillions of pieces of plastic debris in the ocean and 8 million tons of plastic entering the ocean each year, Fisk Johnson and David Katz discuss how companies can combat this trend, and be part of the solution.

Unbroken Grounds from Patagonia Provisions

Food plays a critical role in the next frontier of our efforts to solve the environmental crisis. We can change our relationship to the land and oceans – learn how from pioneers in the fields of regenerative ag, grazing, diversified crops, and restorative fishing.
Unbroken Ground | A New Old Way to Grow Food

Additional Articles

The New Environmentalists: From Hanoi to Paris

The new environmentalists share a common goal, safeguarding the Earth’s natural resources from exploitation and pollution. This PBS program features portraits of six passionate and dedicated activists form around the globe. Narrated by Robert Redford.
The fascinating world of biomimicry

Biomimicry: Turning to Nature for Technological Solutions

Scientists are increasingly looking to nature for technological innovations. CBS’s Sunday Morning examines how humpback whales inspired aerodynamic windmill turbines, porcupine quills inspired medical products, and how a frog’s saliva could lead to stronger adhesives.
Project Drawdown's Jon Foley: Mobilizing a movement to advance climate solutions

Mobilizing a Movement to Advance Climate Solutions

GreenBiz19 – Jon Foley shares an update on Project Drawdown and the book that was released two years ago with its plan that featured the 100 most substantive, existing solutions to address climate change.
Google, Goldman Sachs, and Scenarios for the Future of Sustainable Business | BSR18

Scenarios for the Future of Sustainable Business

BSR 2018 Conf – Kate Brandt, Chief Sustainability Officer at Google; Kyung-Ah Park, Managing Director at Goldman Sachs; and Jacob Park, Director of Sustainable Futures Lab at BSR, discuss thriving in a fast-changing world through scenario planning.

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