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Plan for Tomorrow by Supporting Vulnerable Communities Today

Ebony Perkins
Self-Help Credit Union
Self-Help believes in investing in communities on the front lines of harm from climate change. Our mission: create and protect economic opportunity for all with a focus on the underserved, including people of color, women, and low-income families and communities. We loan to environmental projects like recycling, land conservation, affordable housing, and solar energy.
Emily Robare - GurtinMunicipalBondMgmt - GreenMoney

How Community-Focused Municipal Bond Investments Can Drive Social Impact

Emily Robare
Gurtin Municipal Bond Management
Gurtin supports social impact by investing in municipal bonds that fund essential government projects, like improving access to affordable housing. We also support social impact in communities by investing in municipal bonds that finance projects like parks and recreation facilities, libraries, public transit, bridges, and other infrastructure that benefit underserved communities.
Travis Green - LOCUS- Impact Investing - GreenMoney

A First Step for Place-Focused Foundations

Travis Green
LOCUS Impact Investing
In the next decade, local impact investment funds will be an essential asset for most place-focused foundations. Why? Principally, communities need this type of flexible investment. The mission-aligned foundations leading these funds demonstrate their willingness to remain relevant in their communities – putting distance between themselves and other financial services companies and online tool providers.

Innovation in Community Impact Investing

Andy Posner
Capital Good Fund
SRI Investing has reached $12 trillion in assets. But, the vast majority – 97 percent – are investments in the traditional capital markets. Beyond adding ESG screens to portfolios, it is imperative that we find ways to support direct, community-level investments as innovative nonprofits are at the forefront of driving social change, but for them to scale they must attract significantly more capital.

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Additional Articles

Cash Deposits Can Make a Meaningful Impact on Communities

Jared Gonsky
LOHAS Advisors
Because public and private equity investing garner most of the attention of impact investors, the liquid “cash” portion of the portfolio is often overlooked despite the availability of a variety of socially impactful options that may even yield better returns at a lower risk than traditional approaches.

Toniic: How Private Impact Investments are Funding SDGs

The report, T100 Focus: The Frontier of SDG Investing, unearths data from 76 Toniic member portfolios, totaling $2.8 billion in committed capital, to reveal where the most active impact investors see investable opportunities towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) across asset classes.

ESG 2.0: ACORE on Renewable Energy Use and Investments

In a new white paper, the American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE) explores the current state of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investing in the U.S. and provides recommendations for ESG methodologies that better reflect renewable energy use and investment.

GreenBiz Names the 2019 VERGE Vanguard Award Winners

The award honors 20 dreamers, pioneers, entrepreneurs, designers, engineers, business leaders, policymakers and investors on the cutting edge of sustainability and technology. Every economic movement, every technology revolution is led by the vanguard, blazing a trail to the future.

Morgan Stanley Survey: High Investor Enthusiasm for SRI

More than eight in ten U.S. individual investors now express interest in sustainable investing, while half take part in at least one sustainable investing activity, according to a new survey published in September 2019 by the Morgan Stanley Institute for Sustainable Investing.
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