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Capital UNTAPPED! – How Professional Athletes are using their Innovation, Investing and INFLUENCE Capital to drive Impact and Business Ventures, and how the Family Office investor community can partner to elevate their projects and Return on Investments.

Innovative Fundraising Options for Impact Investment Funds Targeting Community Challenges

Rick Davis
LOHAS Capital
Innovative fundraising options can meet community challenges that cut across race, gender, and geography. They include Banks (under the Community Reinvestment Act); Donor-Advised Funds (DAFs); and perhaps most promising, Fiscal Sponsor Programs.
Donna Katzin-founder of Shared Interest with Ruben Mbuyisa Mutha Farms

Community Investing: Tools for These Times

Donna Katzin
Shared Interest
Investing in low-income communities struggling at the margins of the economy has been a pillar of SRI for more than half a century – the movement has broadened to include “sustainable” and “impact investing.” While faith-based and other investors have also launched corporate dialogues, screened investments and proactively invested in communities.
Addressing Housing Affordability with Access to Homeownership by Mike Loftin of Homewise-client pic

Addressing Housing Affordability with Access to Homeownership

Mike Loftin
If America is committed to helping everyone achieve affordable, stable housing, we must do more to help low-income families and families of color own their own housing. Affordable homeownership is not the capstone of economic well-being, it is the cornerstone. And it will also help close the racial wealth gap.
Kimberly Jones Self-Help Federal CU interviews Nicole Middleton Holloway of Natural Investments

GreenMoney Interview Series: Community Investors

Welcome to the ongoing GreenMoney Interviews series. This issue features two Women of Color who are emerging leaders in Socially Responsible Investing and Community Investing: Kimberly Jones of Self-Help Federal Credit Union who interviews Nicole Middleton Holloway of Natural Investments. Here is their wide-ranging conversation.

Additional Articles

Money and Meaning: Fit for Purpose?

ESG is necessary but insufficient. The IPCC Report delivered an expected but still major jolt to the global financial community. Now, the question is, how should global finance respond to the report’s urgent recommendations? Is the widely adopted ESG approach the best way to successfully mitigate carbon emissions to meet Paris Agreement goals?

Community Impact Investing in Sustainable Infrastructure

With so many investment options geared towards ESG strategies, it can be hard to identify ones that drive direct and measurable impact towards their desired causes. Sustainable infrastructure projects have a great story to offer when considering community impact. Dollars are invested directly into tangible benefits to communities, people, and the environment.

Place-Based Impact Investing: A new report from CCM

“Americans, especially younger generations, increasingly prioritize and support local economies. We are arriving at a collective conclusion that global and domestic problems need local solutions and investing in place-based opportunities can offer investors appropriate risk-adjusted returns while positively impacting our communities to be better, greener, and more just.” - David Sand, Chief Impact Strategist at Community Capital Management

Regeneration: Ending the Climate Crisis in One Generation

Paul Hawken’s new book explains how Regeneration creates abundance, not scarcity. It expands what is possible. It is about the optimism of action instead of the pessimism of thought. Regeneration is an inspiring and necessary guide to today’s climate movement that will enable readers to understand its many facets — and more importantly, to act.

Investing in a Disruptive Climate

My book, Investing in a New Climate is not about doom and gloom, but about adapting to different kinds of “changes” in our world. Climate change is about the shifting of circumstances. To survive — and succeed — we must adapt. What impact will a new meteorological climate means to economies, industries, and financial markets around the world?

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