World Ocean Day Special with Ashlan & Philippe Cousteau – a Krill Call to Action

World Ocean Day Special with Ashlan & Philippe Cousteau – a Krill Call to Action

Earth911 Podcasts – Travel Channel hosts Ashlan and Philippe Cousteau join a special World Oceans Day conversation with Mitch Ratcliffe and Newday Impact Investing CEO Doug Heske about the rapidly declining krill population in the Southern Antarctic Ocean. These tiny crustaceans that are the keystone of a critical carbon cycle are threatened with extinction from overharvesting to make heart- and brain-healthy Omega-3 oils and for use as filler in animal feed. Just as humans once hunted whales almost to extinction, krill are being harvested extensively in the Antarctic Southern Ocean, so much so that the species is at risk. Demand for products made from krill has reduced populations by as much as 80% since the 1970s, and they could face losses of another 40% because of the impacts of climate change.

Philippe and Ashlan explain how krill power the largest carbon sink on the planet – it sequesters more CO2 than the Amazon, and share a warning for consumers: avoid krill-based products to avoid contributing to the collapse of the Antarctic food chain and ask for algae-based alternatives. EarthEcho International, the youth ocean education nonprofit Philippe founded, and Newday Impact are collaborating to launch a krill-protection-focused exchange-traded fund that will support public awareness and the development of sustainable alternatives. They encourage young people to join the movement at JoinGenSea.

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