Drawdown Roadmap: Science Framework to Accelerate Climate Solutions

Dr. Jonathan Foley at TEDx Boston (January 2023) – One of the keys to avoiding greater climate catastrophe is to rapidly invest significant capital in climate solutions through private investment, philanthropy and government funding. Philanthropists, impact investors and venture capitalists are now investing over $150 billion per year in new climate solutions and ventures. The world’s governments are also starting to step up, investing even more. And this funding will likely accelerate, snowballing into significant action. This presents us with a huge opportunity today.

Unfortunately, despite the massive increase in climate investing, much of the money isn’t being allocated wisely, following the best scientific guidance. Climate philanthropists and investors need better science-based tools and frameworks to allocate capital to the most effective climate solutions – solutions that will yield the greatest benefit to the atmosphere. To address this problem, Project Drawdown has developed a new “Drawdown Roadmap” that provides a science-based allocation framework to help private investors, philanthropists and other funders develop more effective climate strategies. Dr. Jonathan Foley is a leading climate scientist, sustainability expert, educator and executive director of Project Drawdown.

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