Frank Coleman of CBIS wins ICCR’s Legacy Award

The governing board of the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility (ICCR) is pleased to announce that the recipient of its 2019 Legacy Award will be Francis G. Coleman, Vice Chair of Christian Brothers Investment Services.

The ICCR Legacy Award was created to honor those whose work has provided a strong moral foundation and an enduring record of demonstrated influence on corporate policies. The award was created in 2011 as a celebration of the 40th anniversary of ICCR.

With more than 30 years of experience serving Catholic institutions at Christian Brothers Investment Services (CBIS), Frank has developed a comprehensive knowledge of the needs of the Catholic institutional marketplace and is a nationally recognized expert in the application of Catholic Social Teaching to the investment process. Frank has also written and spoken extensively on matters related to ESG and Catholic Responsible investments.

Frank has given generously of his time to the SRI/ESG investing community by serving as a board member for countless organizations, including ICCR. His experience and wisdom in diplomatic, yet effective, corporate engagement have made him a sought-after source of counsel for many in the ICCR community and beyond.

“Frank Coleman has made a distinct mark on the history of sustainable and responsible investing both for faith-based investors and the broader investment community,” said Tim Smith of Walden Asset Management. “Frank served as Chair of ICCR’s board and also served on the board of USSIF, providing wise counsel and thoughtful strategic advice to both. Importantly, Frank has been a consistent voice calling for increased investor responsibility and the integration of ethics and values into investing decisions.”

“During his 30 year tenure, Frank ushered in a number of ‘firsts’,” said his colleague Julie Tanner of CBIS. “Under Frank’s leadership, and working alongside ICCR members, BP appointed its first independent expert following the Gulf spill to improve environmental stewardship; JPMorgan Chase created its first Director of Environment position to expand access to responsible finance; Newmont Mining underwent an inaugural review of opposition at its mine sites to protect communities; and ISS recommended Verizon investors vote in favor of the first resolution to prevent child sexual exploitation online and respect human dignity.”

Susan Makos of Mercy Investment Services observed of Frank, “For many years, Frank has been a leader in Catholic faith-based investing through thoughtfully exploring ways to advance addressing values into the entire investment process. He has been a champion of working for the common good and encouraging companies to address areas of concern, including human rights and the environment. He has also generously shared his time and talents in governance and leadership roles at ICCR and other responsible investor organizations to advance our efforts to promote a more just and sustainable world.”

“As a colleague of Frank at both CBIS and ICCR, I continue to be enamored of his steady, focused, thoughtful commitment to strategies to bring the impact of our corporate engagement to the next level,” said Sr. Patricia Daly of the Dominican Sisters of Caldwell, NJ. “Frank is an investment professional who truly understands the value of corporate commitment to the common good.”

Frank will be honored at ICCR’s annual event on October 29th at 150 W83 Ministry Center in NYC. Please join ICCR in congratulating Frank Coleman on receiving ICCR’s 2019 Legacy Award. Read more about the Award here.


About the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility (ICCR)

Celebrating its 49th year, ICCR is the pioneer coalition of shareholder advocates who view the management of their investments as a catalyst for social change. Its 300 member organizations comprise faith communities, socially responsible asset managers, unions, pensions, NGOs and other socially responsible investors with combined assets of over $400 billion. ICCR members engage hundreds of corporations annually in an effort to foster greater corporate accountability.

Note to Reader: Frank Coleman wrote one of GreenMoney’s most insightful articles, which looks at what was going on at Facebook and few ideas on how to fix it. Read his December 2017 article hereWhat’s next on a random walk down facebook lane.

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