Praxis Mutual Funds Celebrates 25 years of Impact

Praxis logoPraxis Mutual Funds®, a leading faith-based, socially responsible family of mutual funds from Everence® Financial, celebrates the firm’s 25th anniversary in 2019 by reflecting on the lasting, real-world impact the firm has had throughout the years while looking ahead to the future.

Founded in 1994, Praxis Mutual Funds has helped individuals and institutions integrate their investments with their values through a stewardship investing approach. The firm’s approach balances social and financial considerations and is motivated and informed by broadly-shared Christian faith convictions.

“Praxis is committed to making a real impact through its investments – not just by avoiding investment opportunities but by embracing those that lead to meaningful and lasting change,” said Chad Horning, CFA®, president of Praxis Mutual Funds.

Throughout the past 25 years, Praxis achieved a number of important milestones as it implemented its own brand of stewardship investing:

• The firm launched and today manages five mutual funds including the Praxis Growth Index Fund, the Praxis Impact Bond Fund, the Praxis International Index Fund, the Praxis Small Cap Index Fund and the Praxis Value Index Fund as well as the three Genesis Portfolios, mutual fund portfolios of varying risk levels comprised of the other Praxis Funds.

• It implemented investment strategies to achieve consistently competitive performance.

• The Praxis Impact Bond Fund was an early investor – and now a national leader – in the use of market-rate, positive impact bonds.

• Its values and environmental, social and governance (ESG) screening approach integrates broadly-shared values screens with restrictions rooted in ESG data.

• Since 2000, it has committed approximately 1% of each fund’s assets to benefit neighborhoods and individuals through community development investments.

• For more than two decades, Praxis has proactively engaged with corporate management on a range of social and environmental issues through proxy voting, shareholder advocacy and the development of investor coalitions. In fact, Morningstar recognized Praxis for “walking the walk” when it comes to voting proxies in a way that is consistent with stated environmental, social and governance and environmental mandates.[1]

“Praxis is among a handful of the original socially responsible fund families and we are committed to be a leader in this space,” said Horning. “We are proud of our dedicated and experienced team who have shown that investors can invest consistently with their values, have meaningful impact with their investments and at the same time achieve competitive results as they seek to achieve their long-term goals.”

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About Praxis Mutual Funds

Founded in 1994, Praxis Mutual Funds is a leading faith-based, socially responsible family of mutual funds designed to help people and groups integrate their finances with their values. Praxis is the mutual fund family of Everence Financial, a comprehensive faith-based financial services organization helping individuals, organizations and congregations. To learn more, visit – and – or call (800) 348-7468.

Consider the fund’s investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses carefully before you invest. The fund’s prospectus and summary prospectus contain this and other information. Call (800) 977-2947 or visit for a prospectus, which you should read carefully before you invest. Praxis Mutual Funds are advised by Everence Capital Management and distributed through Foreside Financial Services, LLC, member FINRA ( Investment products offered are not FDIC insured, may lose value, and have no bank guarantee.

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