Ten to Watch - Pioneeers of the Blue Economy by Climate and Capital Media

Ten to Watch: Pioneers of the Blue Economy

By the Climate & Capital Team,

On World Oceans Day in June, the Climate & Capital team dove into the blue economy, what’s emerging and why it’s a critical part of the climate economy.

CCM Featured news for GreenMoney readersThe “Blue Economy” is defined as the systems and economic opportunities emerging in how we protect and maintain a healthy ocean. For World Oceans Day, we showcase Ten to Watch innovators and leaders in the blue economy.

We hope these ocean innovators will inspire and excite you over the coming week. Read our profiles and then have a deeper look at their websites for detailed information about what they do. Each one is an amazing story.

Here are the Ten Pioneers to Watch:

  • ECOsubsea Scrubs Ship Slime to Save the Seas
    ECOsubsea cleans the “bio-fouling,” i.e. accumulated sea slime on hulls, that makes ships less efficient and threatens ocean ecosystems.
  • TransOceanic Wind Transport Harnesses the Air for Low-carbon Shipping
    A blend of ancient and cutting-edge, TransOceanic Wind Transport uses wind-powered vessels to meet modern shipping needs.
  • Data-driven, LED-powered Smart Fishing Could Help Save Ocean Ecosystems
    SafetyNet’s LED-powered Pisces system attracts target catch whilst repelling others, cutting down on millions of tons of wasted bycatch.
  • This Architecture Firm Makes Houses From Plastic in the Seas
    SPARK Architects makes their signature beach huts using plastic waste collected from Singapore’s shoreline.
  • This Maine Fishery makes the Eel Trade More Sustainable
    The global eel trade is inhumane, corrupt and an environmental disaster. Maine-based American Unagi gives chefs a carbon-free, local eel.
  • The Robot Fish Making Seafood More Sustainable
    Aquaai’s mechanized surveillance swimmers are helping fish farms be more efficient and clean. Liane Thompson and her husband and business.
  • The Next Big Thing in Plant-food? Sustainable Seaweed
    Seaweed for breakfast? Cascadia Seaweed believes its cornucopia of kelp could change the plant-based food world.
  • Investable Oceans: The Investment Platform for the Blue Economy
    Investable Oceans is an investment platform devoted to unlocking capital for sustainable oceans ventures.
  • Can we Harness the Lunar Power of Waves? One Scottish Firm is Trying
    Orbital Marine Power is harnessing Scotland’s ocean currents for sustainable power.
  • BlueNalu’s Cell-cultured Seafood Offers Fresh Fish Without the Catch
    With global fisheries on the brink of collapse, BlueNalu’s land-grown fish and seafood could be the future of ocean eating.

Read more about each of these companies and their innovations here.


Reprinted with permission from Climate & Capital Media, a strategic partner with GreenMoney Journal.

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